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Endless Caverns and RV Resort Endless Caverns and RV Resort Hot

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Endless Caverns and RV Resort

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1800 Endless Caverns RD
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Discovered in 1879, Endless Caverns has thrilled visitors with one of America's true underground treasures. Come discover a world of beauty today.

Located on the side of the Massanutten Mountain, overlooking Virginia's scenic Shenandoah Valley, Endless Caverns is as beautiful above ground as it is below!

On October 1st, 1879 two boys and their dog went rabbit hunting on Ruben Zirkel's mountainside farm. The boys soon cornered their prey beneath an outcropping of limestone boulders. With the excitement of the hunt they moved the rocks aside only to discover that they had lost their prey. They found instead a dark hole in the ground with a cool breeze blowing out. Candles and ropes were gathered and soon the boys found themselves inside a mysteriously beautiful cave known today as Endless Caverns.

Through the years there have been many expeditions into the Endless Caverns to try and find an end to the complex network of underground passageways. While exploration is not currently underway, scientists and explorers periodically work together to unravel the many subterranean mysteries discovered within. The process of scientific discovery and exploration is an Endless journey with over five miles of cave passage mapped with no end in sight. A Wooly Mammoth fossilized tooth has even been discovered during one of our cave mapping expeditions.


VA Endless cavernsEndless Caverns and RV Resort


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