Write a Blog

The steps to write a blog are listed here. Images have Instructions for a quick tutorial and we have written a description above each image. Two videos that cover these instructions can also be viewed if you rather use that format.   

Quick Start Video    Add more content Video

Open the Blog editor tool


Now that you are in your Personal RainbowRV Blog editor simply click on the Pen Icon

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How to Write a Blog Part II

Now that you have been able to set up a blog, this video show ways to add blocks of content to the blog as an edit. Please watch and comment with questions or helpful hints for other Blog authors

Quick Start Video Part I ,Add more content Video Part II

Blog How To Write a Blog I

Rainbow Blog2
Blogs are personal pages easily accessible to anyone who wants to be an author. Every RainbowRV member has a blog. Mouse over News and in the dropdown menue click on Members Blogs . Blogs are a place to share your Adventures, Knowledge, Passions, and or just plain Ramblings. Like Columnists in the large city newspapers RainbowRV bloggers have personalities that will draw regular readers from within our community. RainbowRV Blogs are  in view of registered subscribed members when necessary. Watch this informative video on HOW TO  Post a BLOG click READ MORE and get published today. Call Greg with any questions on writting a blog 951-830-5997 VerizCell-California

The Video opens up in a new window so you can watch it while posting your blog. 

Quick Start Video Part I Add more content Video PartII

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Event Registration How to

This how to article and Video is part of our new series on website navigation video events


RainbowRV has two types of events  Chapter Events   and  Kamp Trips .  Chapter Events are formal whereas KampTrips are impromptu and require less organization.  Both events are listed on the one  calendar  and open to all members.  To  find an event mouse over   Events    on the red menu line then click on  Monthly Calendar