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  • Subscriptions  to members areas of the website  are renewed yearly via automated secure processing. The term is one year from each renewal. RainbowRV offer no refunds nor prorate refunds for in-term cancellations of membership.  Please use the form on this page  or call, text, Greg at  951-830-5997.  You will be missed.
  • Event questions, cancellations, added requests . Events are manged by volunteers who strive to make the experience memorable. all tickets are answered within 12 hours. for immediate attention and replies close to an event it is best to text Greg 951-830-5997
  • Password reset, access issues. Sorry about the issue, endless circular prompts are like a 30 year relationship, try everything and end up back in the same place every time. Text Greg  @ 951-830-5997 is best, or fill out a Ticket.   We will fix the error and have you camping in an hour or less.
  • Mail address. Gregory O'Connor, PO Box 1177 Romoland, CA 92585
  • Phone.  Greg Southern California USA 951-830-5997 7:00am to 9:30PM