New Mexico Balloon Fiesta October 2023


Rainbow RV members in the Southern California Chapter put together a display for PalmSprings Pride 2009.  Tony the event host negotiated parade entry. Michael and Lance polished their motorhome and filled endless balloons. Randy and Robert brought the sound, recorded music and organized safety. Marcie and Kathy choreographed the CHRISTO's our Rainbowrv Umbrella marchers. Officer Jim saved the day with mandatory fire extinguishers. Carl and Howard photographed more than 400 stills while Bill and Marty produced the video below.

For more control of the above video click View on Youtube or tap the full screen button.  Much of the focus of this video is on the shoe and the Christo performers who had music as a muse. Part two will proudly depict the rv of 1,000 balloons and the marchers who kept time with only blown speakers and diesel fumes our pilot David billowed out the back of Priscilla.

To read the one month long  forum thread/discussion on the making of the shoe click here