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Life at Gay Campground

It's been a while since I posted, but SO much has been going on ! 

    We have all been so excited about our brand new Clubhouse ! It's going to be soundproofed so we can party hard and let people still have quiet if thats what they like. The stage is amazing and is huge and three feet off the ground ! The DJ equipment we put in is AMAZING ! We are also wired up for killer live sound. Jay and I did a set on the new equipment this weekend and it was so clear and crisp ! This place is going to be a great venue for lots of fun events and shows from live bands to comedy, DJ's, drag shows,  & more ! 

    Bearapalooza was amazing this year. The current stage wasn't in yet the but we used the new clubhouse as a pavilion and set up stages and equipment. All the artists were fantastic. We even and belly dancing bears and burlesque too ! We had almost 150 peopele here, and the Atlanta Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence helped us raise $700 for Tattnall C.A.R.E.S. (a local cancer charity) 

  I am excited about this summer! Our next big thing is our annual Trailer Trash Memorial Day Weekend. Atlanta Armorettes "Amber Divine" and "Knomie Moore" will be joining us and we are working on a DJ dance party and some other activities. One of them will be a showing of Sordid Lives and a costume contest. 

Other little bits of news ...  Jay and I moved up to the house at the front gate and we like it a lot. the house we lived in before has been turned back into a 2 bedroom cabin rental. We also put in a new office where we now check everyone in in comfort.  We got a new staff member named Larry, who has been a big help, and Eduardo and Roy have their friend Cesar here helping out for a while too. There are two new baby goats and the Canadian geese are back and just had some babies! We have a  lot of full-time residents now and we always enjoy doing things together like our Tuesday Potluck Suppers.  With everything being so busy, I have been trying to find time to record some new music. I have been inspired to write new songs with a gospel style and theme, so it will be interesting to see how this next record comes out.  We also did a gig at a local cafe and I think it is going to become weekly.

Well thats whats going on in my world for now.... come see us sometime at Roy's Hideaway !  

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Life at a Gay Campground as we go into the Fall


I haven't been keeping up with this blog the last couple of months, because the summer was so busy ! What a summer it was ! We had so many great events like Country Cowboy Weekend, Bearapalooza Spirit of the Bear, Hawaiian Luau, and much more !  

  Something everyone has been enjoying a lot is outdoor Golf Cart Drive In Theater. We have been showing movies on the stage with our new projector and everyone  has been a enjoying it quite a bit !! You don't need a golf cart to join the fun, we have lots of chairs, and our full-timers often have room in their carts to snuggle up with new friends. We will do a few more before the weather gets too cold and maybe we can build a fire too. So far it has been an impromptu thing we have been doing on Sunday evenings, but we will be working it into the regular schedule for next year.   

 One of Dorothy's poodles had another litter of puppies and they are just the most adorable creatures. I think that some of the pups have been sold but she still has some of them.

Here's some pictures on Facebook 

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Life at a Gay Campground - What a summer so far !

Right after Memorial Day things started to pick up around here and we got about 5 new full timers, and we have been getting a regular day crowd on the weekends. It's been great seeing familiar faces around and greeting newcomers !!  I have been adding a lot of theme events to make things fun, but I think people are most interested in just laying out by the pool, swimming naked and socializing at the cafe. The guests also always seem to enjoy it when Charlie, Jay, and I put on a live concert at the pool. Roy and I have been implementing some free food times, like hot dogs on Sundays, Spaghetti dinner on Mondays, and Tacos on Wednesday, and Roy & Eduardo have been going to Pride events to promote, so it looks like it will be a fantastic summer !! Some of our full timers have offered to provide a keg for some of our events so we will start doing that in mid- July.  I launch booking for Bearapalooza Spirit of the Bear on July 1 !! Its going to be an exciting event !! So much to do, so little time! I suppose I should get SOME sleep, it is 3 am !! 
Good night for now.Freddy  


Life at a Gay Campground - I feel Trashy

I feel trashy today. Maybe it's because of the girls coming this weekend. We are having out Trailer Trash Bash and I am pulling out the old drag box to have some fun.  I have to get trashy songs ready for the revue. Knomie Moore, Amber Divine, Peggy Legless, and Shalita Buffay will be here to help out. It's gonna be tons of fun!! Where did I put the spray cheese ?


Life at a Gay Campground - Rate specials

Roy just let me know about a new promotion we are going to be running, so I wanted to share it with everyone. I think it is really important for us, being the new kid on the block to build up a long term clientèle, so we are offering year leases starting at $1295 for a little while. If you are looking for a place to try out in South Georgia, give us a try !

 Freddy ________________________________________________________________

  - We want you to be a part of our family at Roy's Hideaway!! We understand how important full timers are to a campground and we would love an opportunity to show you what we have to offer here at Roy's. That's why we are offering a very special discount to new long term guests who sign annual leases !!!

 We often have Potluck Suppers, BINGO and movie nights, or you can enjoy the solitude of your own site ! Take advantage of our amenties like our clothing optional pool & spa, fishing lakes and more Year Round !!


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Life at a Gay Campground - The Diva is here !

Nobody and I mean nobody can deliver, Blues, Gospel and Jazz like the one and only "GEE" Tomorrow night our clubhouse will be transformed into "Gee's Juke Joint".   

Gee (Gordon Michaels)  arrived yesterday and I spent the day setting up the clubhouse for rehearsal.  Frank is backing him up on piano and I sat in on guitar. I am going to play a few numbers with them in the show. (mostly the blues numbers cause I'm not much of a jazz player, but I am going to try Autumn Leaves). It was a lot of fun. I cant think of many things in life I enjoy more than playing with other musicians.  

It's a beautiful morning. I'm sitting in my living room naked with all the windows open around me, watching people start to mill about across the pond. I guess its time to get on my cart and make sure Gee has everything he needs and see about rehearsing again. 

I cant wait to see his show. He is an old school "entertainer" who knows how to work a mic and knows how to work a crowd. He is doing selections from all of his one man shows to give is the full "Gee" flavor . The show is called "Listen to My Heart". That reminds me I also have to make sure the cupcakes and cookies get made to serve during the show !!  Dorothy and Gee wanted to do that together later today. 

Its a good day to live at  gay campground, the pool should be hopping this afternoon. I always enjoy my time with Gee. He's funny and filled with sass and that southern "attitude". Give me a call or just cone on out if you want to join us. 912 225 3900 



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Life at a Gay Campground - as I turn 40

I am about to turn 40 in August. It's a time of reflection. Where am I ? What's important in life ? 
Somehow my journey has brought me from my hometown in upstate NY, to being a resident of New York City, to Nashville, and now here to ..... South Georgia ?  For the past 8 years I have been the organizer of a music festival celebrating the Bear community called Bearapalooza, it has taken me all across the country and 4 years ago it brought us to our first GLBT camp experience at Sawmill in Florida. Every year when we went there, I would tell my partner how wonderful it would be to live and work at a place like that. Well in 2009, Bearapalooza was booked at Roy's Hideaway, a new campground in South Georgia. Roy and I hit it off well and he suggested that my experience booking events in the community might be an asset to his camp and that this might be a good base of operations for my musical endeavors.  - I dove into the idea and my partner and I left Nashville behind. I don't have a lot of "stuff" and I don't have money in the bank, but I am rich beyond compare. I wake up every day and see the beautiful ponds, see the Canadian Geese, hear the bleat of our goats. I do my work outdoors by our beautiful pool and go swimming naked. I get to plan fantastic music events and connect musically with our guests. I meet wonderful people every day. I am a part of a family that cares deeply about making a welcoming safe place for GLTB people to relax and play. Roy, Eduardo, and Dorothy have made my partner Jay and I much more than employees and I feel we are all blessed to have this wonderful experience. Any endeavor like this will involve hard work, and some days it's a challenge, but I am fortunate to be here and to be doing what I am doing.  I want to share that with new guests and give everyone great memories.  I'm going to be sharing interesting things that happen to me, events I am doing here, pictures and more. I hope you enjoy it !!