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The BIG trip...

Okay, well, for US seven states, 3600 miles in fifteen days is a BIG trip!  I realize for others that is a drop in the bucket of gas and miles, but it was pretty good for us.  We started in Washington state, headed first to Nampa Idaho where we snagged furniture to replace the missing pieces in our new *used* class A motorhome.  We were thrilled to get an incredible deal on furniture we loved, so it was a great way to start the trip.

We left from there and headed further south in Idaho and found some friends that had moved away from our area years ago.  Had a very short but nice reunion with them, and left the next day for Utah.

Okay, so, Utah.  First of all, we had every kind of weather there possible--rain, sleet, snow, sun, wind.  Wow, the wind.  Second...does Salt Lake City ever end???  We drove and drove and drove (through construction) and I thought it would never end.  The scenery was amazing, that whole are just wasn't what I thought it would be like.  We spent the night in a great little park that was called "Lakeside RV" but was actually "Riverside" :)  But it was a nice place, some beautiful walking trails running around the park, and the lake within walking distance. 
We left there for Zion National Park and our only regret was not planning a LOT more time for that stop.  We only spent one day there and it wasn't nearly enough.  Stupendous, amazing, stunning...just not enough words.  If we go again we will stay close to the entrance of the park in a little RV park in town or right in the state park.  Then we wouldn't have to travel to the park like we did this trip.  It is a great town, seems like a lot to do, and though I may have to get Diane drunk twice to go back (once to agree to the trip, and once to get through the climb out on the very steep, windy roads) I would love to spend an entire vacation between Zion and Bryce--which we missed completely on this trip!

I will come back with PART II - Grand Canyon and Scottsdale later!