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Inaugural Trip

My new life begins this week with the shake-out cruise in the new-to-me motorhome (not yet named). I'm staying at Killens Pond State Park in Delaware. It's beautiful here, with nature trails, a big lake, holly and tall trees, 30 amps of heat pump driving power and nobody else around except the campground hosts. In fact they just joined me for wine and cheese and chat. They are toughing out the winter in a popup! I loved my popup, but I could never spend more than a week or so in it and certainly not in the winter.

My two cats, Osito and Brindie, are adapting nicely -- Osito has adopted the broad dashboard as his favorite place to nap and Brindie has found enough hiding places to feel secure. I'm feeling very secure as well. (Maybe it's the wine or maybe it's the fact that there are other people in the camp.) I haven't even bothered to pull the curtain over the windshield.

I've pretty much figured out how everything in the coach works except for the satellite dome. I don't think it works because it just keeps searching endlessly for a sattelite but never finds anything. I can live without satellite TV especially since I'm pulling in a couple of very good OTA broadcast stations. I could almost live without TV entirely but I'm not ready to give up PBS.

I'm not so happy with the flaky nature of the HW heater. The first day the water was scalding hot. Now it's lukewarm at best. So much for trying out the shower. At least the campground has good hot showers in a heated building. (It's winter here in Delaware.)

It's nice being one of the only people here.  I'm enjoying the feeling that my site is acres rather than 20 x 45 feet. The tranquility is soothing. I could see this turning into a full-time lifestyle. Maybe it will. I'll keep you posted.

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