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Hello Rainbow RV!

My partner of seven-plus years, Dustin, and I have had many exciting adventures.  I've often thought about documenting it or sharing it with others per the suggestions of friends and family along the way.

At one point, a few film students out of LA asked to travel with us to observe our lifestyle and share our "ostentatious" attitude along with the benefits and challenges that brings to one.  That was related to an idea of purchasing a small beach resort off the Northern Coast of Venezuela on Isla de Margarita (Yes, Jimmy Buffet's Margarita Island).  As things progressed, and after meeting with the Venezuelan Consulate in San Francisco; our illustrious President W.T.F. Bush and Chavez stirred up a pissing match and we opted to seek out the perfect location for 'something' here in the states.

I was born and raised 5th generation Southern Californian mostly in the Big Bear Mountain region, and Dustin - a barn raised organic Coastal Oregonian... we had many considerations to keep in mind in order to find the perfect place that we both could call home.

I met 31-year old Dustin when I was 21 and working as a Systems Designer & Business Analyst for an insurance software development company in Los Angeles, he was working his way up an Electrical Engineering Firm that specialized in high-voltage electrical testing for data-centers and power plants in the area.  Our relationship grew, our love for one another innate, and within one-year we were living together in his centrally located historic home outside of LA.

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