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Driving the coast! PCH to San Fransisco & back to the desert

Happy Holidays!  We are heading up & down the southern coast, from palm springs to san fransisco & back!  May not be exciting to you, but we are STOKED!!  Please, any one that has done this that may have words of wisdom, chime in.  It's a week, and seems like enough time to get a real sense of the PCH.  Maybe not.  We're reaching out to anyone that might by chance be doing the same thing or has done it & has irresistable advice or recommendations.  Driving a 24' Tioga dark gray with a golden retriever at the helm.  Peace!


Chula Vista RV Resort, Labor Day Weekend

Anyone else planning to be at Chula Vista RV Resort over the Labor Day Holiday?


Recommend Southwest Coaches in Colton

If you are in the market for a towable (Air Stream, DRV 5th Wheels, Cardinal or Redwood) I highly recommend Southwest Coaches, and sales manager Dave Delano.  We bought our Carriage (Carri-Lite) 5th wheel and were treated very well; definitely gay friendly)  Their service is great and they work on any brand towable.  I know they want to be a Rainbow RV sponsor also.  They are located at 1313 1313 RV Center Drive, Colton, CA 909-422-9926.


Pismo Beach Rally

For those from the San Diego area, I would like to find out IF some of you would like to Caravan to Pismo Beach on Thursday 10/10?

Instead of everyone going on their own, it would be awesome to have our own Pride Parade going up to Pismo (so to speak).

We have done this in the past and it is a lot of fun having a group all going together.. 

Email me and also lets try to get something worked out to meet along I-5 on Thursday morning...  

Michael and Ken in Oceanside...  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


July 4th @ Parker's Resort

I had the time of my life with the group at Parker's Resort on the Russian River for the 4th of July!  Met mnay new people!
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Our Summer travel

We area currently planning our Summer Rv trip for late August '13. During our last major RV adventure in July 2011, we went through 14 states from our home in Louisiana to Florida and up the East Coast to Pennsylvania and back down through the South. Our thoughts this trip was to see parts of the Midwest and up through the Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore and then down to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon and then back to Louisiana. Anyone know of RV Campsites that we should know about....please let us know

David & Doug

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CA-Memorial Day Kamp Trip @ Escondido RV Resort

Memorial Day Kamp Trip is only 4 1/2 months away! We had a lot of fun last year and looking forward to another. The trip to the nearby San Diego Wild Animal Park is planned, informal cocktail parties, exploring other areas so hope you will come join us! When you call the resort to make your reservations, we recommend these sites on the upper level: View Sites are #123, 124,125, 126, 127 . Other good sites are 97 through about 115.  Hope you will join us for a fun, kick-back holiday weekend!


Our first official day as full timers

Today is our first official day as full-time RVers.  Although we have been staying in the coach for the last two weeks while we packed up the house, it really didn't feel official until last night when we turned in the keys and left with the last two car-loads of 'stuff'. Those days of working all day and packing the house at night and heading to the coach just to sleep are thankfully behind us.

Are we crazy to give up 2000 sq feet for a 40ft motorhome with 2 slides?  We'll let you know.  We both still have our full time jobs, so we aren't traditional full-timers in the sense that we can't just go exploring as we would like.   What we realized however, was that when we were in the RV, we hated to go home.  The only parts of the house were were using was the kitchen, family room and bedroom.  We had all that in the coach.  Our lease was up, and we couldn't another house we really liked, so we decided to just go for it.  If we hate it, we'll find another house, but not really worried about that.

All I can tell you is that today has been soooooo relaxing.  We're on a beautiful private lot.  It's quiet and peaceful and it has been a great day doing all the 'setltling in' things and putting the last of things away.  The best part is, we didn't have to go home after a great Sunday in the RV.  We were already home!


Twin Ponds Lodge, Albion Maine

The particularity of this Campground besides all the services it offers like 50 amps, pull thrus, inside swimming pool, wood fired sauna, whirlpool, game rooms, 18 feet screen, pot luck dinners , the 2 ponds, fishing, (I caught 5 bass) and the list could the fact that it is a gay clothing optional  heaven.
We were supposed to stay there a week, we are now in our third week.
The management is exceptional, friendly and they maintain the premises spotlessly clean.
Will add some pictures soon


Magdalen Islands

Buying a RV and finding ourselves  in the first month few hundred miles offshore on a group of islands is to say the least unexpected!
We want to explore North America and decided that we would travel as far East as we could to start with. We were not disapointed,  where can you find so close to home hundred of miles of sandy beaches, the only drawback is the inconvenience of taking a 5:50 hours ferry ride to get there but its worth it. 4 small villages, quaint fishermen houses, very friendly people and what to say of the fresh lobsters and the abundance of seafood.
verything that is good has an end, leaving tomorrow for the mainland hoping to be in Maine beginning of August
For those that could be interested in following our whereabouts, just click on the following link:


Our First trip|

Hi every one,

We have made it to our first ever Camping Site.
Our RV is now our only home.
Wayne was a bit nervous driving our baby but did it well.
Have to find a technician to activate properly our Explorer satellite dish.
The technician from Shaw refused to install our decoders pretending that they can do it only on stationary motorhomes. What a joke that is!
We have bought a SPOT and will enter on here the link to follow us for the ones that could be interested to know.
Ourselves we are interested to meet members of Rainbow RV Club  where we will be travelling and if mutually enjoyable travel together part of the way.
Hope to hear from you


Big Bear 2010 - Is it over already!

Michael and I want to thank everyone who participated in this year's Big Bear RRV event!  We hope everyone enjoyed the setting, the activities and most of all each other's company.  Those of us who went on the Action Zipline Adventure had a blast and we wish everyone could have experienced it. 
Hope to see you all next month in Pismo!

Peter and Michael


Tire Pressure Advice

The Goodyear GST614RST trailer tires have a max rating of 110psi cold inflation, which I have always kept them inflated.  A friend recently suggested that in hot weather driving I should keep only 105psi to give the tires greater room for expansion due to heat. 

I always thought that even at maximum inflation the tires are designed to handle the additional psi driving on hot roads.....trying to avoid blowouts and appreciate any advice on best psi.  Thanks, Peter