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Sept I am on my annual rock hounding trip.

this year I hope to run around Idaho, or and nevada.

I pick up a friend from the east in boise after a few days in oregon . There are a few spot

I missed last year and or could not find.  Its going to be interesting. The history of the areas

is fabulous. Crazy colors and patterns are the rocks and fossils.

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yet another adventure


this a late entry for my rockhounding adventure last year. It was a long drive to oregon, but the views

of Mt Hood were worth it.  The rocks were in my favour. I claimed many containers of common pink,tan opals,black, brown obsidians and some 150 million year old ammonite fossils. really cool to hold something that old in your hands. B-3 a nice 26ft tow behind did well going up and down all those back roads and a few dirt roads.  I have started to make some simple jewerly from the stones I have collected and it is a slow process.  I had to go home early due to the forest fires, but as we say they are rocks and they arent going anywhere.  Till next trip.



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rockhounding in Ellensburg, Wa

What a week. You think Dennis the Mensis was dirty. He had nothing on me.
Each day I set out early with a new adventure in hand. With an empty backback except 20lbs of tools and water and a couple of cliff
bars I set off, sometimes with the dogs and some not, the temp of the day made a difference. If it was hot they stayed in air conditioned
Betty my Rv tow behind.
By the end of every day I was covered in dirt, scrapped from climbing a few cliffs and exhausted. My backpack on the way back to the truck
was around 50-60 lbs with some really cool rocks.
At one local I had to manage a 60 lbs geo into my truck alone in the middle of no where.
I had alot of good laughs and great weather. Managed to wrangle a case of sweetttt peach into the truck on the way back.


My first adventure


My first time -  out -   with  Betty  - the travel trailer.

The Pacific NW as I have found out is rather wet.

The darkness came too soon and with it the rain.

What I did not know was my battery was just about dead.

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