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The Gay rogue VOGUE... our trip back....

Well we pikked up the big new vehicle a 1989 vogue prima vista II  in Westlake village , Cait was interesting seeing how the upper half lives...  a 5 million house, and nuttin2 worry bout! cept fartin inda kitchen? damn nice but i couldnt handle it! seem nice but hope i can trust him!   onna take the southern route back to Jersey have no time constraints and well we gonna enjoy it! been 2 years since i found my Lover dead  and started CPR... and then the 18 months of experimentation withn the pacemaker and defibrillator... and drugs etc. so what ive got left of an inheritance well bestb to have fun end spend then to croak like the ones that saved and left it to us! so we be onda road.. wasnt alot but lets see what we can see!any help wil be appreciated!
Fred and Pete and 2 beagles (rescue) Rony and jimi