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July 4th @ Parker's Resort

I had the time of my life with the group at Parker's Resort on the Russian River for the 4th of July!  Met mnay new people!
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Dear Rainbow Friends,

Arlon and I are safe in our RV in Prescott Arizona. Our home in Yarnell is still standing as of this am stay well and say a prayer for all of us.


Stan & Arlon & The Schnauzers

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Our Summer travel

We area currently planning our Summer Rv trip for late August '13. During our last major RV adventure in July 2011, we went through 14 states from our home in Louisiana to Florida and up the East Coast to Pennsylvania and back down through the South. Our thoughts this trip was to see parts of the Midwest and up through the Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore and then down to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon and then back to Louisiana. Anyone know of RV Campsites that we should know about....please let us know

David & Doug

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Wine and Balloon Trip in June

Hi guys,


This will be our first trip with the Rainbow RV club.  We are real excited to meet others and have new friends.  We currently live in Escondido and Palm Springs.  This trip will be around a 45 min to 1 hr drive for us. 

See you there,

Rick & Glenn

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yet another adventure


this a late entry for my rockhounding adventure last year. It was a long drive to oregon, but the views

of Mt Hood were worth it.  The rocks were in my favour. I claimed many containers of common pink,tan opals,black, brown obsidians and some 150 million year old ammonite fossils. really cool to hold something that old in your hands. B-3 a nice 26ft tow behind did well going up and down all those back roads and a few dirt roads.  I have started to make some simple jewerly from the stones I have collected and it is a slow process.  I had to go home early due to the forest fires, but as we say they are rocks and they arent going anywhere.  Till next trip.



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The Kampout to Belfair was a lot of fun and an opportunity to meet other chapter members.  Attendees discussed the next Kampout at a casino up north.   Any suggestion for locations and dates?  Obviously,  RRV members from other chapters are more than welcome to attend.  Any ideas for other Kampout locations?

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House batteries

Getting ready to go dry camping this weekend and my house batteries are not keeping 100% charge. I bought 2 interstate deepcell 06/2010 I thought I should get 4-6 years out of them but am told maybe 3 years.. So I guess my question is every 2-3 years I should replace my house batteries? my old cheap ones that came with the rv were 5 years old..

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Suggestions Needed - Favorite Gay RV parks?

My partner and I are really so new the glorious world of full-time RVing - our heads are spinning as to the number of Campgrounds out there.We're currently in PA - waiting for winter to blow out of here before taking off.  The direction we go doesn't matter as much as having a plan.

SO:  anyone have a favorite spot to share with us?  We prefer boy/girl gathering spots, and second - would hope to possibly land one in need of camphosts, or maintenence or even a DJ/Karaoke duo (we do it all!)  in exchange for a hookup.   If anyone has any connections in that regard, please feel free to question me further!  This is a friggin' fabulous site btw!  Many thanks, Susie

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Looking at our first RV

Hey Guys,

My partner and I are looking at buying a RV and have no idea what kind we want.  I thought checking out a site like this would give me an idea of what it would be like to be driving around the country.  We like staying at nice resorts, in warm locations during the winter, but we miss our two dogs.  The idea of diving through the South sounds like fun, but not sure we would feel comfortable staying at most trailer parks.  Now staying at gay ones would be a different story.  I'm thinking something on the small size would be easier for us to deal with, but I don't want to end up sleeping on a table either.  This site seems like fun and I might pick up some ideas of how and where we would be using our first RV.



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2nd Annual Holiday Campout at Kalaloch Campground / Olympic National Park, WA

Storm surf was awesome...logs tossed about like toothpicks in the surf.  New Years Day sunset was amazing.   Lunch and dinner at the Lodge restaurant were good and fairly priced.  A nice way to ring in the New Year.  It would be great to organize a Rainbow RV trip for next year! 

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CA-Memorial Day Kamp Trip @ Escondido RV Resort

Memorial Day Kamp Trip is only 4 1/2 months away! We had a lot of fun last year and looking forward to another. The trip to the nearby San Diego Wild Animal Park is planned, informal cocktail parties, exploring other areas so hope you will come join us! When you call the resort to make your reservations, we recommend these sites on the upper level: View Sites are #123, 124,125, 126, 127 . Other good sites are 97 through about 115.  Hope you will join us for a fun, kick-back holiday weekend!

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Pismo Beach 2012

Another fun trip.  While we were packing up we noticed one of our blue Specialized Bicycle Helmets was missing. Maybe I left it at someone's campsite?  If anyone saw it please let me know.  Thanks. 

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Sturgis SD Bike Week 2013

David and I are going to Sturgis for Bike Week August 2013.  Does anyone have any recommendations regarding campgrounds?  We appreciate any advice.



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Tyler Trip

What turned out to be a lovely day for a trip..Great flying weather to Tyler.  Picked motohrome home up and headed back to Houston...Many stops along the way. Then she would not start...We think the alternator went out. What an adventure...Finally put in two different types of batteries in to get the transmission to ship and raced back home... All said we are so lucky for all the help that was given to us.  I will always be a dedicated customer of Love Truck Stops now. They were so kind to us. 

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Travel to Provincetown

We are heading to Ptown again on August 6th

We will be there for carnival week.  If anyone is headed that way let us know.  Our email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Frank and Ed



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Texas Chapter & Camp Outs

I am interested in forming  Texas Chapter and would like to know if there is any interest?


Please contact me with some suggestions and I will plan a camp out.



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Galveston get away

Sandpiper RV Resort..

Was a nice park but quite expensive, but did enjoy the pool.  Would a great destination park for sightseeing, and being close to town.

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Feedback and suggestions on Travel Blogging

Been trying to work on an easy way to share our trips with friends & family while logging important travel info for future reference all in one spot. Trying NOT to do any coding so I've set up the attached site using Tumblr and Disqus. I should be able to easily travel blog via email or posting via our laptop/iPhone/iPad apps. Would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Thanks.

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California or Bust

CALIFORNIA OR BUST ---- Three month trip from Houston to San Diego and back to Houston with stops at Bisbee, Temecula, and San Diego pride.  I’m really looking forward to the Temecula event, and can’t wait to meet all you California guys.

I would always dream about the RV life style but it was one I always thought would be too expensive with my work schedule.  Many weekends I would be working and most vacations were not more than a few days or a week at a time.  A RV would have spent too much time in storage.

After I retired I found myself spending way too much time sitting on my balcony in Galveston watching the traffic on the Seawall.  Well that all started to change about 2 years ago when I was sitting on the balcony and saw a little Scamp trailer being pulled behind a little VW bug.  I said to a friend how cute, you could camp any were with that.  I knew I wanted to get out and do more and that was when the plan to travel the US and Canada was born.  And the search for a new RV started.

I knew if I was going to do this for a very long time I had to keep the whole life style as simple as possible.  I started out looking at the Scamp and the Casita and then I started to look at the Truck Campers, because of their saying “Go Any Where Camp Any Where”.  After about 2 years and lot of research I finally decided on a used 2012, 5000 miles, 24’ Class C, hopefully a perfect match for me at this time. Thanks Greg and Tim and everyone else for all your comments and suggestions.  I know 2 years is a long time (even for me) but during that time I also sold my Condo in Galveston, moved back to the house in Houston, (after a complete remodel) and planned my first trip out.

My first shake down trip was to Galveston (already missing Galveston) and I spent a few days just checking everything out.  Everything went well until the last night when there was a strong wind storm.  Remember the song Galveston; you really do remember the sea winds blowing.  It kept me up half the night worrying about what was going to be blown off the RV.  I had my awning in but two other RVs had theirs out and they were ripped apart by the next day.  Other than a RV covered with sand for me everything was fine, I only had to spend the next day washing the RV.   The fridge worked fine the whole time.

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Advice on Arizona

Hi all,

The Canadians are heading south again this Fall!  We hope to be part of Rainbow RV's Pismo Beach Rally and perhaps California Great Outdoors' Conference & Campout on this trip.  Part of our itinerary includes a stretch of time (Oct 15 - Oct 25) that we thought might be nice visiting Lake Havasu, Grand Canyon, Sedona.  And maybe Phoenix before heading back into California (San Diego, Palm Springs).  Any advice on Arizona?




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