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On the road with the Dogs.

Hello All,


I said I would be keeping you up to date as we are on our way to dog shows and then to the meet up in Temecula.  We have not had access to the net so have been unable post our results.

All three of our dogs won points this weekend.  Our little Affenpincher took a Group II and a Group III win.  His little playmate beat him on the last day taking breed and went to Group where she did not place but showed her ass off.  It was a great day.

Our dog Diva also won over the specials she was up against and went to Group.  So all in all, we did very well.

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Texas to Florida RV Trip


We are planning a Texas to Florida RV Trip this month and I need help planning it.  Where should we stop and what should we see?  I need your help!  


I will be video blogging my adventure on my blog at  


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Temecula Here We Come

We just left the bay area last evening and on the road.  We are actually on our way to Salt Lake City Utah to a 4 day dog show.  We are showing our Affenpinchers and our Bouvier.  We have a great line up of judges hence the long trip.


Started out yesterday and one of the Affenpinchers jumped over the gate between the seats.  Affen means monkey so we laughed and said to each other we now have flying monkeys.


First night drove just over 300 miles and today already on the road for another 500 miles today.  Will set up for dog show tonight and start our first of 4 shows tomorrow.  Will keep you posted as to their progress and a pic or two if possible.

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Recommend Southwest Coaches in Colton

If you are in the market for a towable (Air Stream, DRV 5th Wheels, Cardinal or Redwood) I highly recommend Southwest Coaches, and sales manager Dave Delano.  We bought our Carriage (Carri-Lite) 5th wheel and were treated very well; definitely gay friendly)  Their service is great and they work on any brand towable.  I know they want to be a Rainbow RV sponsor also.  They are located at 1313 1313 RV Center Drive, Colton, CA 909-422-9926.

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Another Successful Dog Show Weekend

Just returned from another Fun Filled Dog Show in Sacramento.  For those of you who know dog shows, we took 3 out of 4 majors in the Affenpincher breed.  Another new champion.  "Razrr".  Sorry, I don't have a pic of him to post immediately.


The drive to Sac was uneventful and all went well.  However, as you know---anything can happen and sometimes does.  When we pulled up stakes and ready to leave, we could not get our hydrolics to raise.  WTF?  Took me an hour before I shut down the coach completely including turning off the batteries as if it was stored and then restarted everything again.  YEAH!  Success.  The system reset itself and we were on our way.


Have another trip this weekend leaving home Friday to Vallejo to show our Bouvier des Flandres this time.  She has one major already and we are looking to pick up another this weekend. 

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Another Weekend, Another Adventure

Thought I would write about our last adventure.  Nice but I will be sure to check a map next time a book an RV site.

I had a one week convention meeting in Monterey, CA [nice place] and googled for a place to park "Buster".  That is the name of our RV.  Anyway, found an RV park that boasted to be very nice in the Monterey area.  In fact it was very nice but was approximately 1 to 1.5 hours away by car to the city of Monterey. 

Don't get me wrong, it was a very nice park and is located at exit 295 on Highway 101 at Greenville.  The park is in fact new and only had 4 to 6 rigs there the whole week I was there.  Grass, trees, and aminities were great with club house, pool and work out area.  The work out area was nice to look out but rest assured, I did not use it.

So I guess another lesson learned about taking the RV out, be sure to check on the location of the RV park you are booking before you set your final plans.


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Our new TT Adventures!

Well  I thought I'd document my partner and my adventures. Today we got a new propride hitch installed which marked the end of our 3 week ordeal buying a new  travel trailer :)

Its a PrimeTime Lacrosse 327res (ours is a lovely champaign not white)

We bought it from  our dealer (Thats it over there we really like it!) with intent on towing with our v8 2012 f-150 ecoboost. Well... on the way home (a 22 mile trip) it was swaying so bad we about had heart attacks in only mild wind even on side roads - and the check engine light came on. Come to find out the dealer for our truck didnt exactly tell us everything correctly about our towing capacity and the radiator was overheating cuz we were like 800lbs over weight.

The experience was actually good, so earlier last week Steve went and got us a 2012 cummins turbo diesel heavy duty ram 2500. Our new hitch arrived on tuesday of last week (propride) and  we got it assembled saturday (had to work!). During assembly we did have to call the support twice on a saturday and Sean woodruff the owner  of the company called us back within 3 minutes both times! (amazing service) - we had  to remount the propane tanks and extend the break away chains (which i finished this morning).

So we pulleder out - the truck pulled the 8400 TT like it wasnt even there and we had 45mph gusts all day today with a cold front moving into austin and we drove a 100mile round trip and it was... for lack of a better word... AHHHHHH MAZEING! we were so relieved, and had no white nuckle experiences. Then.. I was actually able to back it into our driveway on the first try (again!) 

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Party RV for sale on Craigslist

Hey, all, I just saw this listing on Craigslist and thought it was so cool that I wanted to share.  So, if anyone out there is looking for a party RV, this might be of interest!

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Chula Vista Thanksgiving 2013

For four years we have tried to come up with a motto for Rainbowrv.   I think it must include fellowship because that is a common theme result and warmth  found at every event.  Thanksgiving at  Chula Vista Marina was another fellowship full event.  

Tim and I intended to get to the RV park on Thursday to spend some time unwinding from our landscape work before we set up for guests but the rain dampened Tim's motivation to uncover the bus and set out on wet highways.  Fridays rain left him with no choice but to contend with the waterspots.  We arrived at the park in  just 90 minutes as the traffic was light and the park is less than 80 miles from our house.  Most every one made it to the park but the down pours in Arizona  and Palm Springs Kept John & TJ and Matt & Doug from making the trek.  For a list of who went click here.

The RV park sets up a holiday dinner for Saturday which in the past included stuffing and potatoes with the Turkey but things changed and we learned that only Turkey is provided.  Not to worry because everyone we spoke with offered to help make the two treats.  Our prep started with several trips to the local markets for ingredients,  then Sandy and Dee offered their four slide coach up as a production kitchen where Mandy, Sandy and I whipped up the two dishes.  I am not much of a cook but under the guidance of the two I think I proved to be of some help.  I must admit  the cooking was quite a bit of fun and just as rewarding when our  dinner came and everyone gobbled up the two dishes.   

The RV Park supplied and set up  the tents because the main clubhouse would not seat the entire park.  I so wish we were able to break bread together and am not quite sure there isn't a bit of politics at play.   I am sure not all the Indians and pilgrims ate together either.  Their Loss, no SandyMandy stuffing for the hetro's.


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Wow....what a stressfull and learning journey this has been.  After searching for over a year, we finally found our "dream RV" a 2001 Holiday Rambler, Ambassador, diesel pusher (70K miles on it).  We found it via the internet, from a dealer in Corbin, Kentucy.  We're actually from Kansas City, Missouri.  We traveled to Corbin in March 2013 and decided, this was the one. Following is the "Reader's Digest" version of our personal nightmare!


  • We made the deal, and left the coach with the dealer for upgrades and additions.  The coach was to be ready for us in four weeks, so we booked air. The night before we were to leave, the sales manager called, the coach wasn't ready.  
  • After many phone calls, sometimes daily, finally end of June and the dealer notified us that the coach was ready.
  • This time we decided to drive the 600+ miles, as we were going to buy a tow dolly.  
  • We arrive in Corbin and the dealer had the coach set up at the local KOA waiting for us. The employee that set it up, hooked the coach up to the city water, but didn't reset the switch to city water and left the switch in the tank position.  This caused a leak, which leaked in to the coach and underneath the laminate flooring, buckling it!
  • Also we disovered the dash air and the cruise control were not operational.  
  • The dealer took the coach back to the service shop and gave us a loaner, to stay in while the appropriate repairs were underway.
  • A week later, and finally, we take delivery and on our way back to Kansas City.  We're about 50 miles outside of Corbin, and the coach is steering erratically and we begin to smell smoke!  We pull over on the closest exit, get out and there is smoke billowing out of the front passenger wheel.  We contact the dealer and he directs us to the nearest KOA and he'd send a repair crew out the next morning.
  • Two weeks later, 3 or 4 phone calls a day and we are still stranded at the KOA, with the coach up on hydraulic jacks and listing to the back and drivers side.  "Waiting for part"
  • We decide to leave the coach at the KOA and wait for the dealer to once again, repair the coach.
  • In July, we're notified by the dealership that the coach is ready, but.......
  • In the meantime, we begin hearing from friends we'd made in the area, that the dealer was declaring bankruptcy and the bank came in and repo's all the units on his lot, including ours, which had been paid for in full!
  • FINALLY, we hire an attorney and found out that the dealer had received the clear title in May and signed it over to the bank to generate more reveune for his failing business!  
  • Fast forward many sleepless nights, the bank decided to give us free and clear title, releasing them from any liability.
  • As I write this, the dealer and his wife are in jail, under 10 counts of fruad, 1M bail each.  

So we leave tomorrow to pick up the coach and hopefully close this chapter in this horror story.  We thought we'd taken all the right precautions, check the dealer's BBB rating, talking with other customers.  Now we find out that there was one unit he had sold to 3 different individuals!  Many of folks were in our same position.  I suppose at the first sign of trouble, we should have hired an attorney to represent us in the transaction/s.  Who knows?

We are looking forward to meeting Rainbow RV folks and making new friends.  


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Palm Springs Pride 2013

Tim and I are just back home from Palm Springs Pride weekend event at the wonderful Emerald Desert RV resort. This year we had 78 rv's and 184 members expected  Saturday night.  Papa Dans restaurant catered Friday night and Saturday night Dinners  and most of the members stayed thru Sunday Night.   about 25 of the total guest were members from Palm

Springs who broke bread with us on Friday and Saturday evening. The  event was  drawn around Palm Springs pride weekend where we had a contingent in the pride parade.  More than 30 members marched with the RainbowRV van and the Priscilla Bus.  Check out these Wonderful Images fromCandy Koogler


Tim and I usually arrive at the rv parks a day early but this time we decided to take Michael and Mark up on an offer to stay at their lot at Out Door Resorts.  What a beautiful place, We pulled into the resort un hooked the rainbow van and set up for the night.  The shoe was mounted on the bus but in the down position 14 foot  to clear overpasses and traffic lights.. It was not 5 minutes when some of the park long term rvers asked about the shoe.  Word spread quick and within an hour we had an audience of about 100 residents encouraging me to raise and lower the shoe.  Fun, even a warm applause and well wishes from many of the folks curious to meet Tim and learn about RainbowRV.  The happy mood was briefly paused when one resident protested to our display, for what ever reason. Oh well what do you expect, maybe she cant walk in heels? or maybe her husband does? Friday we moved out of Michael and Marks spot and headed for Emerald Desert Resort.

Can you believe Tim is really a shy Guy!!                                   Sandy, second in charge of the parade details,

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I haven't been posting to my blog for a while. Typical excuses. well I want to start it back up because many members across the country look for event blogs

Tim and I set out for the Pismo California event on Tuesday October 1 making it to the Park at around 4pm.   Tim set us back with a repair he decided to make on the bus just befor we set sail. We both worked on putting it back together and were on the road within the hour.  Tim and I dont have a good history of working on equipment together so I just kept my mouth shut knowing we had a 4 hour ride ahead of us.

 Once at Pismo I hit the ground running with Phil helping me round up the first 10 of 52 tables we need for the group. We need to throttle taking tables as we learned in the past because this park stays full and new arrivals pre event are some times regular park visitors.  We also need to get the tables off member sites so we will not need to ask if we can use them.  gathering all the tables take quite a bit of time.  we keep the time to under 6 min per table. 6 x 50 = 300 /60 =5 hours. 10 man hours is an effort but the reward is 300 people breaking bread together.

Here is a pic of Phil.  I usually push but we do switch up.


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GROVE OF 100 GIANTS Sept 20-23

Dave and I are headed out to The Sequoia National Forest this weekend! Anyone interested in joining us please let us know as we'd be happy to share the adventure with others interested in seeing the big trees.  Inbox here (I think) or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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I'm off!


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Newbies here ready to RV

OK, we are new to this site and excited to see what others are doing, where they are getting together and hope to join in on the activities soon.  We have a 40' American Coach and love to travel.  It has been nice traveling the country and look forward to doing more.  We are looking forward to meeting new people that are "Friends of a Feather".


Hope to travel to an event and meet you soon.



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Sept I am on my annual rock hounding trip.

this year I hope to run around Idaho, or and nevada.

I pick up a friend from the east in boise after a few days in oregon . There are a few spot

I missed last year and or could not find.  Its going to be interesting. The history of the areas

is fabulous. Crazy colors and patterns are the rocks and fossils.

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Pismo Beach Rally

For those from the San Diego area, I would like to find out IF some of you would like to Caravan to Pismo Beach on Thursday 10/10?

Instead of everyone going on their own, it would be awesome to have our own Pride Parade going up to Pismo (so to speak).

We have done this in the past and it is a lot of fun having a group all going together.. 

Email me and also lets try to get something worked out to meet along I-5 on Thursday morning...  

Michael and Ken in Oceanside...  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Let's replace the flooring in the RV?

Bill and I want to replace the flooring in our RV.  It's currently carpeted throughout and has two slides.  We'd like to replace the main area with laminate, and keep the carpet in the cockpit, the bedroom and the large living area slide.  Has anyone attempted to do this themselves and if so, any pointers?  Has anyone used a local (San Diego, Orange County, Riverside County) installer to do it?  If so, who?



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Our New Travel Trailer

What a week this has been! On Tuesday, July 27th, we picked up our 30' travel trailer! Donald and I were both nervous about how we were going to manuever it home but we did it! With teamwork and a little bit of patience, we were able to back up our trailer into our driveway! It only took us no more than 15 minutes!

So the last few days were filled with getting familiar with the RV testing out all the switches and making a list of items to purchase. After several hundred dollars, I think we are almost ready for our first trip on August 9th to Paso Robles. I am now working on planning our route to Paso Robles. We agreed to take the scenic route (Hwy 101) vs the I-5 to avoid the dreaded Grapevine pass. I posted a question in the forum regarding a fueling station off Hwy 101 either in Oxnard or Ventura. Well enough for now, very busy week and I want to post a few pictures!

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First Time RV Owners

Well we finally did it, we bought our very first RV! We settled on a 30' travel trailerWe finally did it, we bought our very first RV! We bought a 30'  Surveyor Select by Foerst River. We figured our first RV should be travel trailer so we can park and still have our truck. It is probably a little too big for our first RV but we fell in love with the spacious living area and bathroom. We pick up the RV on Tuesday and that afternoon, we will have our first experience in backing up the trailer into our driveway! I am a little nervous about that but, my husband, Donald, is going to have to do all the driving. I'll let you all know how it goes!

In the meantime, I just registered us for the Paso Robles trip in August, Pismo Beach in September, and Palm springs in November. That gives me a few weeks to get the trailer ready to travel! So much to buy!

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