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Temecula 2010

I decided to post some recaps of recent trips and go backwards threw the months to include several highlights. I am doing this posting by signing into the members area then hold my mouse over Profile then click on MyBlog Dashboard.  Everyone is encouraged to start a blog.

Temecula Wine and Balloon   is an annual event in Southern California .  In  '08 Tom Davies  the then Southern California  Chapter Rep asked my Tim to host this event.  Tom picked up the momentum that Mike Culpepper started in the Southern California chapter and involved members in hosting events while Tom assisted in the organizational  and promotional aspects.  Tom  set members on a path to better organized events.   Club activities and participation grew to involve almost 200 members at the 2010 campout.  The more the merrier is a proven concept .

Tim and I arrived at the campground early and met Rodney and Gorden to help set up the main meeting area. We collected 200 chairs and 35 tables then planned out the best way to facilitate the planned social gatherings.  We declined the  rv's parks offer to use a concrete court yard and opted to keep members on a close to camp grass area.  Closer to the event start day other members chipped in and help us complete the staging area.  Robert and Randy set up the sound, Cindy and Pat made the name badges, Rainbow Cinema's 16 foot screen was erected by Jody and Allen.  Countless other members assisted in the effort and clean up Sunday morning.

Thursday night was fun but we noticed that many of the members scheduled to arrive for the extra day did not.  Member had a chance to set up, enjoy new friends catchup with familiar faces and get the party started. Friday morning we brewed 120 cups of coffee and members toasted Beagles at the first gathering of the event.  The  various scheduled gatherings are the clubs tool to facilitate fellowship and foster new friendships. Everyone is encouraged to hangout and meet their Rainbow family. 

Friday noon many members ventured into Temecula and the Balloon grounds 5 miles from camp. Local vineyards and shops got their share of members business evident from all the goodies members schlepped (Barry is that the correct spelling?) back to camp.  Tim and I hug out with many of the members who gathered close to their camp with new friends met earlier that day.  I strategically positioned the RainbowRV van where  Tim Beth and Elia sold Jackets, shirts and hats with the new RainbowRV Logo.

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