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The Fabulous Fifth Wheel

When, a few years ago, I suggested to my partner Dave that giving up our day jobs, selling our B&B in New Orleans and setting out in an RV to tour America for a couple years would be a swell adventure, I was expecting an arched eyebrow and withering stare. Dave loves New Orleans. Dave loves familiarity. Dave hates surprises.  And yet…he agreed. With surprisingly little hesitation.

An act of love?  Of course.  But there is an adventurer’s spirit deep in his soul as well. And this particular solution to feeding that spirit comes with a bit of familiarity hitched to the back of the truck.

And so, much to my astonishment, the adventure began.

Our first year on the road has been more fun, more fascinating, more fulfilling than either of us imagined. And I've been blogging about it all along the way here:


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