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The start of the real adventure!

Well we did it, we listed our house last thursday (may 15) and moved into our travel trailer (Lacrosse, luxury lite, touring edition, 327res) and we love it - the 3 dogs (2 jacks and a rat terrier) all love it too andwe couldnt be happier with the park we are staying in, unless it was closer to our house (for visits while waiting to sell) it's about 24 miles from us. 

Gettingeverything we think we wanted in the trailer seems to have gone fine - it all fits! We were even able to get cable internet here since we are going to be here for a few weeks (and/or until our house sells, which in the market currently in Austin, will be fast). 

We also got our new 10inch cool memory foam queen bed and its sooooooo much better! 

The only annoyance is where to put our compters while we game (lol Steve and I are bother gaming geeks:P) but we set up on our table and got rid  of 2 of the chairs for now so we have plenty of room. The dogs are lounging on the sofa and recliners as i speak which is the new norm. The view out the rear picture window is a pig farm, which surprisingly is cute and not smelly!

Cant wait to see what this brings with it (the adventure that is) but after house sells we will be heading to nor-cal to visit family and get married, then we are going to be heading east to visit friends/attractions all summer and early fall long! Any MUST HAVES or good tips for long durations in your trailer are welcome!


Our new TT Adventures!

Well  I thought I'd document my partner and my adventures. Today we got a new propride hitch installed which marked the end of our 3 week ordeal buying a new  travel trailer :)

Its a PrimeTime Lacrosse 327res (ours is a lovely champaign not white)

We bought it from  our dealer (Thats it over there we really like it!) with intent on towing with our v8 2012 f-150 ecoboost. Well... on the way home (a 22 mile trip) it was swaying so bad we about had heart attacks in only mild wind even on side roads - and the check engine light came on. Come to find out the dealer for our truck didnt exactly tell us everything correctly about our towing capacity and the radiator was overheating cuz we were like 800lbs over weight.

The experience was actually good, so earlier last week Steve went and got us a 2012 cummins turbo diesel heavy duty ram 2500. Our new hitch arrived on tuesday of last week (propride) and  we got it assembled saturday (had to work!). During assembly we did have to call the support twice on a saturday and Sean woodruff the owner  of the company called us back within 3 minutes both times! (amazing service) - we had  to remount the propane tanks and extend the break away chains (which i finished this morning).

So we pulleder out - the truck pulled the 8400 TT like it wasnt even there and we had 45mph gusts all day today with a cold front moving into austin and we drove a 100mile round trip and it was... for lack of a better word... AHHHHHH MAZEING! we were so relieved, and had no white nuckle experiences. Then.. I was actually able to back it into our driveway on the first try (again!) 

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