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reliable pet information at this website

Hi everybody! I'd like to share a great website for referencing questions you may have concerning your pets. It seems that many sites simply want to sell you products and/or perhaps address part of an issue you may have. One of my vet friends advised me to use the following site when researching medical and behavioral topics for pets. All the articles are written by veterinarians. All the articles will do is inform you with reliable information. Give it a try! The site is
Also, I'd like to invite you to once again have an oral exam of you dog (or cat) which I will be happy to perform for you. We can schedule a non-anesthetic dental for your pet if it's needed. All pets I've performed dentals on at past events are again due!! Del & I will be in site 144 and we look forward to seeing you, and introducing you to our new puppy! He is a 5 month old pomeranian, this is his first time in the RV and first time camping! Come see Cubby!!

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rockhounding in Ellensburg, Wa

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LisaB (website) on Thursday, 09 February 2012 18:13

Helpful article Thanks for the info

Helpful article Thanks for the info
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