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Tips on Recognizing Warning signs and Avoiding Pet Bites

Hi! It's Chris of Pet Dental Works.  This weekend I will once again be performing non-anesthetic dentals at the Tucolata Springs campground.  If you haven't read my blog postings from last February that describes veterinary oral disease and describes the dental procedure, take a look if you have the time! Lots of information there!

I will remind you that the non-anesthetic dental procedure should be performed twice a year - so those pets that had dentals last Feb. at Pechanga are now again due for the procedure!  This upcoming trip will be the last trip with Rainbow RV that Delanie and I will take with the group until this fall sometime, so if you're considering having your pet's teeth cleaned, this weekend is the best time to accomplish that!  Give  me a call at 949-350-6464 to schedule an appointment - I'll be happy to take a look to see if your pet is a candidate for my procedure - and we'll be in site A22 this coming weekend.  I will try to do most dentals on Friday all day and Saturday in the morning.  We will arrive late on Thursday.  Alternately, just drop by if that suits you! 

I know a very good dog trainer in Orange County, Mary Jensen.  She wrote a very good article on recognizing pet bite warning signs and tips on how to avoid bites.  I'd like to share some of that info with you here:


HAIR UP - Means the pet is either scared or aggressive.  Where is the hair up?  If the pet's hair is up at the tip of the neck and base of the tail only, the pet is scared.  If the pet's hair is all the way up across the whole back, growling or bearing teeth, the pet is aggressive.

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LisaB (website) on Monday, 19 September 2011 23:17

This is great information Thanks for sharing

This is great information Thanks for sharing
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