Two Women From Orlando to ???


Two women on the road, two friends on a journey. Bernie and Mar are living the dream of a lifetime. The couple sold everything they owned to buy an RV, which they named Bella. In June of 08 they left their Orlando nest and hit the road working along the way to keep the tank full and the credit cards empty. The trip has taken them up and down the east coast to twenty-five American states and four Canadian provinces, and they have yet to grow weary of their ambitious trex.

Follow Bella the RV's adventures on their blog to find out where she'llbellablogrv take Bernie and Mar next.


A blog is an online diary of personal adventures where readers  can view the most recent updates on the top page then read back to the beginning of their trip   click this link to Bella's Blog

Birds of a Feather

scotblog2bellabloggirlsBLOG is a contraction of the term Web Log. Blogs serve as a public place for authors to post commentary on a single subject or a personal diary. Most blogs are displayed in reverse chronological order listing recent events first. Assembled is a list of member and subject related blogs.  Look for our new Rainbowrv members blog utility and share life in your rv with Rainbow members across the country

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DryCamping ,BoonDocking and OvernightCamping are familiar rv terms each having a different meanings. Use of these terms help describe the type of camping we need to conduct in different destinations and stopovers during a trip. Travel in a group and plan overnight stopovers at locations known for being friendly and safe. Many of the great spots to camp for free or stop over for a nights rest have been listed on the web then got populated by folks who abused the privileges. The result changed policy by the land owners to restrict use from RV's. Our private area forum may prove to be the best pace to ask for tips on where to Camp.


DryCamping is setting up camp at a location without electrical, sewer and water hookup. Electrical hookups found at an rv park are often spoken with the nautical reference ShorePower . DryCamping RV rigs are often described as Self-contained. In many State Parks and Costal day camp areas, RV's with self-contained abilities are given more freedom to camp. Many RV rigs have the built in drycamp ability that will open up more venues for our club and members. Use of generators, solar and inverters for electrical power is the art to learn and one we plan to cover in articles to assist members in camping fun.


BoonDocking is nothing more than drycamping in unpopulated areas, "camping in the boonies". I believe boone is derived from the privative life style of Daniel Boone and docking is in reference to the nautical term for parking a boat. There are other explanations for the term origins. This off the grid style of camping is as close as an RVer gets to roughing it.
OvernightCamping is also DryCamping style. The intent for most rv'ers is to OvernightCamp while traveling from destination to destination. The recreation/sport of RVing has a lose code of ethics for this form of overnight camping


• One night only
• get landowner or property manager permission when possible
• Arrive late, leave early
• Don't ;set up awnings ;chairs ; satellite dish ; or pull out room slides if possible
• Pack in Pack out. Don't dispose of trash at location even if there is a provided receptacle

restareaThere are many sources of safe and legal places to boondock and overnight camp on the web. Many WallMart stores and Gambling Casinos allow overnight parking. Dana McClellan of put together a great resource of Casinos across the country that allow OverNight Camping for free and have pay facilities for extended stays. I am not a fan of OverNightCamping at a Walmart however here is a list of the Walmarts where OverNight Camping is not permissible. I guess the assumption is that all other walmart locations will allow RV's to stay.