How to Recover Steering with a Tire Blow Out Video




The first step is to give it more fuel, ‘step on the gas'. I have been told this before but never really understood the reasons why. This educational video produced by Michelin Tire will show simple steps to regain control of your RV in a blowout. The procedure is effective with bumper-pull , 5th wheel trailers as well as motorized rv's. Click read more to watch the video. this is a must see

RV refrigerator, a cool deal


RV and Home refrigerators differ not only in size but also in dynamics they employ to chill. Home refrigerators use an electric pump or compressor to pressurize Freon gas. . RV refrigerator uses heat of a gas flame or electric heater to boil and process the ammonia in the system called absorption cooling. Although the cooling process of rv refrigerators does not employ moving parts, movement of the air and gas is a major requirement for the rv refrigerator to work. Three movements required are;

1. Movement of air behind the refer
2. Movement of air in the refer
3. Movement of ammonia liquids and gas in the coils


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Queen of the Desert

Rainbow RV members in the Southern California Chapter put together a display for PalmSprings Pride 2009.  Tony the event host negotiated parade entry. Michael and Lance polished their motorhome and filled endless balloons. Randy and Robert brought the sound, recorded music and organized safety. Marcie and Kathy choreographed the CHRISTO's our Rainbowrv Umbrella marchers. Officer Jim saved the day with mandatory fire extinguishers. Carl and Howard photographed more than 400 stills while Bill and Marty produced the video below.

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