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Long Beach California 2019

Last week was Pride week in Long Beach Ca I have not posted in the blog tool lately and want to make it a must do after each event so members can share our fun. Pride week in Long beach is a good time to do just that. Tim and I headed out late on Thursday for the 2 hour trip to the port city of Long Beach. Our Bus is up for sale and there was a bit...

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Pala Casino, San Diego CA 2018

St Pats is March 17 but we celebrated it two weeks early this year. Naming an event is mostly a way to give it character before the characters show up to camp. We set up Pala Indian Casino for this years StPats SoCal event. Tim and the caterer set the theme and decked the halls. I am so glad he likes to decorate because it sets a mood and makes the...

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Jackson California Event 2018


Tim and I visited the Northern California group last year and so much wanted to make it back once again to see the folks we don't get to see at event south of Pismo Beach. One of the best things that came out of this event was the formation of some other event choices. Keep an eye on the calendar for more information on that. On the way up to Jacks...

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Quartzsite AZ 2018


Quartzsite is an event everyone should try once just to say they did it and an event Tim and I attend each year because we both enjoy the desert and quiet fellowship.I often state that there are over 100,000 motorhomes dry camping in the desert for this event and my numbers are backed up by the many articles you can find about the gathering.Quartzs...

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Christmas Casino California 2017


Tim and I once again hosted the Pala Casino RV event for 2017.  This is the second year the casino rv park was open and the second year RainbowRV attended that event.  There were few surprises and the RV park staff greeted us with open arms.  The year prior they were apprehensive due to our requests and a bit of confusion as they lea...

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Pride with Tim @ SanDiego 2017


Tim and I meet up with 20 or so members at the Chula Vista Marina in San Diego California and RV Park for a Friday night cocktail hour. A conservative number of only 3 Costco Pizza fed the crew who were there to support the next days events​ Terry and Sandy made the trip to keep every one safe Security Detail, 2017Everyone in the parade setup crew ...

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Christmas in San Diego California

Another Great weekend with the group. This last weekend was a quick one.  My work schedule involved  web programming on a new commerce website so hotspot in hand, I headed out to the RV park early.  Tim usually likes to stay late but I think he was relieved to get there early so we could set up a couple of his home Christmas decorations.  Our intent was to load the shoe and make it a high heel skate but we didnt have time to make a blade  and I didnt want to sew in all the lights for a two night stay.  Maybe we can do the event next year and plan a little better .  Not long after we got there most of the members showed up.  I was surprised to see Jim From San Diego since it was so close to his home.  but it isnt about the drive there it is all about the company you keep.  I was glad his partner ( he calls him a room mate) Nacho was there with us for most of the fun stuff.

On Saturday morning we were awaken by a voice "Now Dasher, Now Dancer Now Prancer, Where is my Vixon"  Then what to my wondering eyes should appear but 30 straight people in leotards.  OMG , Tim started taking notes for next year, no way, I am not that secure.  The group visit the rv park every year for the event an spend Saturday spreading Christmas Cheer.  They were having too much fun.


Saturday Night we checked out the light displays, went to the RV Resorts annual Chocolate extravaganza event then off to the local Restaurant for a group Dinner.  No pt lick for this crowd we were truly Glamping this time the Restaurant is next to the rv park. 

At the Marina Bar and Restaurant we had a party of 15 or so.  The Girls wanted to foster fellowship and put us all together by totally rearranging the seating at the jont.  Susan and Steffane get right in and get it done I guess when you have 5 teen age boys at home you just take charge and do it.  We had a wonderful meal and the gift exchange was a bunch of fun.  In true spirit of White elephant Susan and Steffane wrapped a ornate urn from their storage.  that was the hit of the barter steal a gift what ever game we played after opening up our gifted treasures.  

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Chula Vista Thanksgiving 2013

For four years we have tried to come up with a motto for Rainbowrv.   I think it must include fellowship because that is a common theme result and warmth  found at every event.  Thanksgiving at  Chula Vista Marina was another fellowship full event.  

Tim and I intended to get to the RV park on Thursday to spend some time unwinding from our landscape work before we set up for guests but the rain dampened Tim's motivation to uncover the bus and set out on wet highways.  Fridays rain left him with no choice but to contend with the waterspots.  We arrived at the park in  just 90 minutes as the traffic was light and the park is less than 80 miles from our house.  Most every one made it to the park but the down pours in Arizona  and Palm Springs Kept John & TJ and Matt & Doug from making the trek.  For a list of who went click here.

The RV park sets up a holiday dinner for Saturday which in the past included stuffing and potatoes with the Turkey but things changed and we learned that only Turkey is provided.  Not to worry because everyone we spoke with offered to help make the two treats.  Our prep started with several trips to the local markets for ingredients,  then Sandy and Dee offered their four slide coach up as a production kitchen where Mandy, Sandy and I whipped up the two dishes.  I am not much of a cook but under the guidance of the two I think I proved to be of some help.  I must admit  the cooking was quite a bit of fun and just as rewarding when our  dinner came and everyone gobbled up the two dishes.   

The RV Park supplied and set up  the tents because the main clubhouse would not seat the entire park.  I so wish we were able to break bread together and am not quite sure there isn't a bit of politics at play.   I am sure not all the Indians and pilgrims ate together either.  Their Loss, no SandyMandy stuffing for the hetro's.


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Palm Springs Pride 2013

Tim and I are just back home from Palm Springs Pride weekend event at the wonderful Emerald Desert RV resort. This year we had 78 rv's and 184 members expected  Saturday night.  Papa Dans restaurant catered Friday night and Saturday night Dinners  and most of the members stayed thru Sunday Night.   about 25 of the total guest were members from Palm

Springs who broke bread with us on Friday and Saturday evening. The  event was  drawn around Palm Springs pride weekend where we had a contingent in the pride parade.  More than 30 members marched with the RainbowRV van and the Priscilla Bus.  Check out these Wonderful Images fromCandy Koogler


Tim and I usually arrive at the rv parks a day early but this time we decided to take Michael and Mark up on an offer to stay at their lot at Out Door Resorts.  What a beautiful place, We pulled into the resort un hooked the rainbow van and set up for the night.  The shoe was mounted on the bus but in the down position 14 foot  to clear overpasses and traffic lights.. It was not 5 minutes when some of the park long term rvers asked about the shoe.  Word spread quick and within an hour we had an audience of about 100 residents encouraging me to raise and lower the shoe.  Fun, even a warm applause and well wishes from many of the folks curious to meet Tim and learn about RainbowRV.  The happy mood was briefly paused when one resident protested to our display, for what ever reason. Oh well what do you expect, maybe she cant walk in heels? or maybe her husband does? Friday we moved out of Michael and Marks spot and headed for Emerald Desert Resort.

Can you believe Tim is really a shy Guy!!                                   Sandy, second in charge of the parade details,

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I haven't been posting to my blog for a while. Typical excuses. well I want to start it back up because many members across the country look for event blogs

Tim and I set out for the Pismo California event on Tuesday October 1 making it to the Park at around 4pm.   Tim set us back with a repair he decided to make on the bus just befor we set sail. We both worked on putting it back together and were on the road within the hour.  Tim and I dont have a good history of working on equipment together so I just kept my mouth shut knowing we had a 4 hour ride ahead of us.

 Once at Pismo I hit the ground running with Phil helping me round up the first 10 of 52 tables we need for the group. We need to throttle taking tables as we learned in the past because this park stays full and new arrivals pre event are some times regular park visitors.  We also need to get the tables off member sites so we will not need to ask if we can use them.  gathering all the tables take quite a bit of time.  we keep the time to under 6 min per table. 6 x 50 = 300 /60 =5 hours. 10 man hours is an effort but the reward is 300 people breaking bread together.

Here is a pic of Phil.  I usually push but we do switch up.


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GROVE OF 100 GIANTS Sept 20-23

Dave and I are headed out to The Sequoia National Forest this weekend! Anyone interested in joining us please let us know as we'd be happy to share the adventure with others interested in seeing the big trees.  Inbox here (I think) or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Looking at our first RV

Hey Guys,

My partner and I are looking at buying a RV and have no idea what kind we want.  I thought checking out a site like this would give me an idea of what it would be like to be driving around the country.  We like staying at nice resorts, in warm locations during the winter, but we miss our two dogs.  The idea of diving through the South sounds like fun, but not sure we would feel comfortable staying at most trailer parks.  Now staying at gay ones would be a different story.  I'm thinking something on the small size would be easier for us to deal with, but I don't want to end up sleeping on a table either.  This site seems like fun and I might pick up some ideas of how and where we would be using our first RV.




Borrego Springs California 2012

Tim and I just got back home from Borrego Springs.  Beth and Elia hosted another great time at the Springs of Borrego RV  park.  This is the 6th year they hosted the same spring event and I think we made every one but one.  The Springs is a GlampGround and priced like one but Beth negotiated a great group rate for 30 rigs.   The reservations sold out in one day  on the Rainbowrv site last November when the event was posted.

We were able to get away from work on Thursday and rushed to the rv park to beat the threatening weather. The wind was at our back all the way up the 10 freeway  past PalmSprings. We opted this path as I feared there may be snow if we drove down Montezuma grade. Yes Snow This time of year the mountains around PalmSprings and SanDiego get a dusting that usually doesn't last more than 2 days at a time. My caution was well placed when we woke up Friday morning to fresh snow in the vistas.

Thursday Night was a pre event campout and as usual we had a relaxing time. 10 of us caravanned to the Borrego Airport for Italian fare.  Good food and great service.  Nothing will compare to Italian food in Philadelphia but this place came close.  Of interest at the airport was a bunch of vintage planes tied down for a pending airshow that weekend.  I'm not into it but we took information back to camp for members who are.  Elia is alway on the look out for things for members to do during the day.

Friday Meet and Greet was warm.  I would guess there were 80 to 90 members there and a bit more present for Saturday Night PotLuck.  Both nights events broke early enought to give us time for LPG Faux campfires and cocktails at everyone's rigs.

Saturday night Tim and I won a expresso coffee service. it is fun to win anything.  the set will remain a cherished treasure ( for someone some day). Teresa & Alex of Mission Viejo won the flag Beth hand made by herself. We were out of the contest for one because Beth made us two. Yes Two. Tim sent one to a flag shop and they lost it. I have been lookin for it on CraigsList China.

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Lake Nacimiento

Tim and I headed for Lake Nacimiento after Paso Robles. Rainbow Rv Members Rich and Steve invited us to camp at their lake front home. I didn't have any expectations but I had an idea this would be a beautiful and relaxing week with friends.

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Paso Robles March 2012

Tim and I took off on a 10 day trip at the end of March. Our first event and destination was the Central California chapters second annual Paso Robles event. PasoR is a Vineyard winery town north of Los Angeles less than midway to SanFran .We hooked up the Rainbow van at home as our tow and made our way to fill the Bus 300 gallon diesel tank with a bit of love.
"two diet cokes and put the balance on pump 15 please" "OK Sir, $997.00 on 15"

The bus cruised without issue at about 67 mph. My dump-truck s computer shuts down the throttle at 57 mph. I like to take advantage of the added levity to pass up a couple of big rigs when I drive our bus. Tim doesn't like to drive when we tow the Van so I dint ask him to switch up. What I don't understand is why he insists on finding a Jack-in-the box that will accommodate a 65 foot long rig when part of that rig is a fully stocked kitchen?

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Alaska Bound

RT (my RoadTrek) and I have reservations on the July 31st ferry from Prince Rupert, BC to Skagway, AK. Previously we have covered most of the lower 48, except the northeast. This will be the first trip north and the first out of the country.  Over the years I have camped and RVed through most of Europe as well as Japan, Australia and New Zealand. I'm excited about finally making it to state number fifty.

I'd welcome any suggestions on what to see/do on this trip from RRVers.

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Pechanga 2012

What Fun. The event wet off well. This was one of the events where it was truly a group effort.  My highlight was the Italian dinner.  I know the forums were buzzing with us boasting about serving 300 folks in under 25 minutes but it was all fun. I often fear referring to members as a number  but it is cool that a group of 300 friends can come together and self organize 8 social gatherings in a weekend. Tim and I stayed in camp the entire weekend but we never felt captive to the responsibility.  It was simply a bunch of Fun.

We arrived at  the Park on Thursday  with Glenn Morris and  Ron. Shortly after we made it there, the crew from Bigtop Tents showed up to set up two party tents.  We have in the past priced purchasing party tents for the club but I think not. The crew of 5 took almost 3 hours to set up and the same time on Monday to deconstruct.  There was not much for us to do on Thursday so we relaxed with the may early bird members who arrived from states as far as Minnesota.   Glenn&Ron , Jim&Chuck and  Tim&I Had dinner in the Casino Thursday Night. Great Food, Great Conversation And a wonderful surprise treat.

Friday morning Tim pushed me out of bed at 5:30 to start some coffee. Tim keeps a spreadsheet of quantities for future planning and budgeting so I knew not to sneak a bagel or scoop too much coffee into the 60 cup makers.  Over the last 6 years morning coffee and beagles have become a favorite for members to plan their day and meet new members.  Typically everyone starts working the toasters around 7:30am but this crowd was full of early risers and we we having fun and laughing together at 6am.  Victorville Motors one of our club sponsors set up Valentine gifts for welcome treats to arriving members and we moved our attention from the Coffee pots to the Check in Pool area.

We had anticipated long lines of rv's and set up a plan to move some members to their sites with a request that they walk back to the centrally located check in at their convenience.  This seemed to work well because rarely were there any more than 6 rigs parked at the office waiting to check in and start the weekend.  Glenn and Ron kept things rolling along and proved to make sure members fond their way.  Tim did his Wine County offering with a bottle to each rig. I am not a wine connoisseur but I herd a member say that the wine was Chateau' Latrine? that takes me back to Rutgers 1984.

Friday night club members gathered at the community room and tents for a Meet and Greet. We set this meet and Greet up just like a cocktail party and tried not to create a flow or potluck line.  I like the way this system went off at Beth and Elias Borrego 2011 event and am glad we repeated it.  This kept members on their feet and the atmosphere was like a Hollywood A list Party.  Gathering members together is a core objective of these events.  Booze and food are often the excuse but the intention is always conversation and fellowship.  Pechanga2012 Meet and Greet was a perfect BYO Cocktail party.  I met several new members

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It has been awhile since I blogged on RainbowBlog. I sit down to write but end up working on other parts of the site then surf too long to write good content.  What I decided to do is just Blog when I feel like and often.  Blogs are personal and only open to subscribed members of the site. and what the hell, like any RainbowBlogger,  I can edit the words I don't want to eat.

Tim and I are winding down the third year at the helm of RainbowRV.  Members often ask if we thought it would be different or less of an effort?  I remind them that Tim is one of those 'All out - All or Nothing' types and I am his biggest supporter.  We have worked together 24 7 for the last 23 years  as self employed Contractors.  You can imagine  in all those years  we have enjoyed  ups, and endured  downs. Tim has an encouraging way to help us also enjoy  the realtime success in picking ourselves up.  He is motivated and our endeavors with the club have never been dull.  We always understood  stewardship would be an  arduous effort and  realized we were 'ducks out of water' so there was a learning curve but our history together proved most  endeavors worth the experience.  Different? I had no expectation.. Less Effort? Learning is an effort I enjoy. Image of old rv is from the origional rainbowrv website

Tim and I love Rainbow RV events and look forward to Riverside Mission Inn Christmas KampTrip.  We planned and saved to attend the Florida December event with Chip but  issues with family force us to stay close and ready to respond to the drama we have going on with our personal lives here in California.  Florida Chapter of Rainbow RV is much like California where the group is large but split up due to the distance between members.  Our chapter Rep Chip has work tirelessly keeping the group active and together.  Like my Tim, Chip is motivated and one of those 'All or Nothing' types.    Chip also gives me motivational talks ,kind words and professional insite dealing with my mothers changing health.  I'm lucky to have Tim and Chip for candid talks.

OK... Mush Mush Mush ,now for  fun past stuff and KampDish

CAPismo2011..... What a blast. there were 250 members and over 120 rigs. Tim and I arrived several days early and dry camped at the state park ($25.00) a night.  We moved into Pismo Coast Village on a Wednesday  and set up Tim's new Wall of lights. The things he dreams up. 70 foot long and 16 foot High. The display took 8 people to put up. Milton, John, Don Dennis, Tim, two passers by and I erected the structure and threw the switch for what turned out to be a show stopper.  Tim hosted a Dog Drag show. Steve, Craig, Jim and Tony did the Bingo.  There were two potlucks, several trophy competitions and great early morning coffee gatherings.  I wish there was a way to centralize the meeting area but all in all ,anyplace members camped was not too far of a walk. Check out the images in members photo albums

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reliable pet information at this website

Hi everybody! I'd like to share a great website for referencing questions you may have concerning your pets. It seems that many sites simply want to sell you products and/or perhaps address part of an issue you may have. One of my vet friends advised me to use the following site when researching medical and behavioral topics for pets. All the articles are written by veterinarians. All the articles will do is inform you with reliable information. Give it a try! The site is
Also, I'd like to invite you to once again have an oral exam of you dog (or cat) which I will be happy to perform for you. We can schedule a non-anesthetic dental for your pet if it's needed. All pets I've performed dentals on at past events are again due!! Del & I will be in site 144 and we look forward to seeing you, and introducing you to our new puppy! He is a 5 month old pomeranian, this is his first time in the RV and first time camping! Come see Cubby!!

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Tips on Recognizing Warning signs and Avoiding Pet Bites

Hi! It's Chris of Pet Dental Works.  This weekend I will once again be performing non-anesthetic dentals at the Tucolata Springs campground.  If you haven't read my blog postings from last February that describes veterinary oral disease and describes the dental procedure, take a look if you have the time! Lots of information there!

I will remind you that the non-anesthetic dental procedure should be performed twice a year - so those pets that had dentals last Feb. at Pechanga are now again due for the procedure!  This upcoming trip will be the last trip with Rainbow RV that Delanie and I will take with the group until this fall sometime, so if you're considering having your pet's teeth cleaned, this weekend is the best time to accomplish that!  Give  me a call at 949-350-6464 to schedule an appointment - I'll be happy to take a look to see if your pet is a candidate for my procedure - and we'll be in site A22 this coming weekend.  I will try to do most dentals on Friday all day and Saturday in the morning.  We will arrive late on Thursday.  Alternately, just drop by if that suits you! 

I know a very good dog trainer in Orange County, Mary Jensen.  She wrote a very good article on recognizing pet bite warning signs and tips on how to avoid bites.  I'd like to share some of that info with you here:


HAIR UP - Means the pet is either scared or aggressive.  Where is the hair up?  If the pet's hair is up at the tip of the neck and base of the tail only, the pet is scared.  If the pet's hair is all the way up across the whole back, growling or bearing teeth, the pet is aggressive.

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