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Ready for the summer season

All ready for the summer season.Come and visit The Southern Oregon Coast . Gold Beach RV Park is a small park in Gold Beach. Hope to see you soon.

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"TUCKER TAUGHT ME... Let's Chase Rabbits" by Marie G. Cooney 5/3/11

Brain Injury Blog by Marie G. Cooney 
Tucker Taught Me… Let’s Chase Rabbits!
May 3, 2011

Sometimes, I get sad during spring. Winter has been too long and too cold. Everything is a muddy mess. And that’s when my father died. One day, it’s bright and cheering. Then it’s dark and gloomy. The birds magically reappear. Then they mysteriously disappear. Sometimes, I don’t exactly know why I am so sad or why the tears come so quickly. I’ve always been a person with a wide range of emotions. But ever since my traumatic brain injuries, I’ve had what is referred to as heightened emotions, while others might have dampened emotions. Almost everyone with a brain injury will struggle with anxiety, depression and other emotional changes.

Tucker, however, loves spring. He runs here and there sniffing out all the terrific smells, and even some icky ones. Like a private detective, he snoops out the trail of scents that others have left behind, and then follows a path of clues that only he recognizes. Like an Olympic runner, Tucker likes to sprint as fast as he can on four paws after squirrels. He doesn’t even care that they always make it up a tree and seem to chitter chatter down to him, “Ha! Ha! You can’t catch me!” Tucker never listens to me, when I try to explain, “No matter how much you bark at them, the squirrels are never going to come down!”

That’s why Tucker loves the “Let’s Chase Rabbits” game most of all during early spring. Tucker and I get more exercise, which is good for both of us. Rabbits, being great magicians, run here, there, and everywhere. They disappear down one hole or another, only to reappear again and again and again, quite miraculously here and there and everywhere! No matter how awful I might have felt before, I always feel better after playing hide and seek with Tucker and his rabbit friends, who love lots of exercise. Exercise is good for everyone, especially if suffering from depression, anxiety and other symptoms of TBI.

One day, rabbits keep popping up here and there and disappearing once again. Each time, Tucker was a sprinter right out of the starting blocks. Each time the magicians disappeared. And then suddenly I saw the most unbelievable sight I’ve ever seen! “NO, Tucker, no!” I yelled. But like the strongest stallion, he was after the rabbit with the carrot. “Tucker, COME!” I screamed. And yet he didn’t. He kept on running and running. “NO, TUCKER NO!” I yelled, “That’s the Easter Bunny!”

Tucker never heard me, but eventually he came back as happy as ever to have had the best chase! I really couldn’t reprimand Tucker, because he did eventually come back. Besides, Tucker did help me find the little child, who was supposed to get the dropped basket. So that made everything all better and him a very good dog!

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Life at Gay Campground

It's been a while since I posted, but SO much has been going on ! 

    We have all been so excited about our brand new Clubhouse ! It's going to be soundproofed so we can party hard and let people still have quiet if thats what they like. The stage is amazing and is huge and three feet off the ground ! The DJ equipment we put in is AMAZING ! We are also wired up for killer live sound. Jay and I did a set on the new equipment this weekend and it was so clear and crisp ! This place is going to be a great venue for lots of fun events and shows from live bands to comedy, DJ's, drag shows,  & more ! 

    Bearapalooza was amazing this year. The current stage wasn't in yet the but we used the new clubhouse as a pavilion and set up stages and equipment. All the artists were fantastic. We even and belly dancing bears and burlesque too ! We had almost 150 peopele here, and the Atlanta Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence helped us raise $700 for Tattnall C.A.R.E.S. (a local cancer charity) 

  I am excited about this summer! Our next big thing is our annual Trailer Trash Memorial Day Weekend. Atlanta Armorettes "Amber Divine" and "Knomie Moore" will be joining us and we are working on a DJ dance party and some other activities. One of them will be a showing of Sordid Lives and a costume contest. 

Other little bits of news ...  Jay and I moved up to the house at the front gate and we like it a lot. the house we lived in before has been turned back into a 2 bedroom cabin rental. We also put in a new office where we now check everyone in in comfort.  We got a new staff member named Larry, who has been a big help, and Eduardo and Roy have their friend Cesar here helping out for a while too. There are two new baby goats and the Canadian geese are back and just had some babies! We have a  lot of full-time residents now and we always enjoy doing things together like our Tuesday Potluck Suppers.  With everything being so busy, I have been trying to find time to record some new music. I have been inspired to write new songs with a gospel style and theme, so it will be interesting to see how this next record comes out.  We also did a gig at a local cafe and I think it is going to become weekly.

Well thats whats going on in my world for now.... come see us sometime at Roy's Hideaway !  

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"Welcome from Marie" blog for Lash and Associates Publishing/Training Inc. 3/8/11

I'm blogging for Lash and Associates Publishing/Training. They provide resources for people with brain injuries, family, friends, and professionals. Coming out of the closet years ago prepared me is some ways for living with an invisible disability. Please read and leave comments there and/or here. Thanks. This was my first overview blog. I will be writing about lessons I learned from Tucker, my service dog, as well as other topics. Are there other members out there traveling with service animals?

Brain Injury Blog by Marie Cooney
Welcome from Marie
March 8, 2011

Hi! My name is Marie Cooney, and I am very proud to have the opportunity to start blogging regularly for Lash and Associates Publishing. I have survived, not one, but two Traumatic Brain Injuries. Both happened while I was working as a stagehand in the theater. Most people don’t know how dangerous the theater can be. When something bad happens, it is often very bad. Making “the magic of theater” isn’t always so magical. When a performer gets injured, it’s news. When it’s a stagehand, it’s Work Comp, if you’re lucky.

After my first closed head injury, I self-moderated my return to work. Like many TBI survivors, I was simply trying to survive. I didn’t follow through on retaining a good lawyer and my rights to lost wages, all reasonable and necessary medical care, and retraining if necessary. Like many TBI survivors, my long term relationship ended after my injury. I didn’t believe it when my partner ended our ten year relationship with a two week notice. I was fired as friend and life-partner. What made it even harder is she never explained why.

Once, she said to me, “If you have a brain injury, there is no hope!” I ran upstairs, grabbed a medical report, and shoved it in her hands yelling, “Don’t you dare ever tell me there is no hope!” I have since learned I may have been experiencing the “heightened emotions” of some TBI survivors. Whatever the reason for the breakup, I left almost everything behind. But I fought for Tucker.

My Savior Tucker

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"Tucker Taught Me... Find a Good Lap!" by Marie G. Cooney 3/31/11

I am writing for Lash and Associates Publishing/Training. They provide resources for people with brain injuries, family, friends, and professionals. I thought I'd share blog with you, my newest community. Your comments are greatly appreciated THERE so they know the articles are being read as well as HERE. Thanks. Marie

Brain Injury Blog by Marie Cooney
"TUCKER TAUGHT ME... Find a Good Lap!"March 31, 2011

When I was a little girl, I already knew what Tucker had to teach me after I got hurt: Find a good lap! Not just any lap. Find a good lap. Tucker helped me remember there were lots and lots of very good laps: sitting on my mommy’s lap reading a good book, galloping on my daddy’s lap pretending I was a wild horse, and snuggling with my sisters talking about this and that.

I loved cuddling in my grandmother’s lap and touching the softness of her face, or running to my grandfather’s strong and opened embrace, then flying high above his head like an airplane and landed gently, once again, in his lap, of course. Big laps! Little laps! Lots and lots of laps! Cousins, friends, and neighbors too, there were good laps everywhere. All I needed to do was find one, or two, or three or more. Any lap I liked would do. And I liked lots and lots of laps.

Dogs are pretty smart. Tucker always knew when he had found a good lap! Tucker also knew which laps to avoid. He wouldn’t go anywhere near those laps. With animals, they say it is instinct. With people, they call it intuition. Either way, it’s the way of knowing something, without any rhyme or reason, just because you know it. And that is that! No questions asked.

Tucker rarely contemplated if it were a good lap or a bad lap. He just knew. But every now and then, Tucker didn’t know for sure. So he would wait or test the water. Sometimes Tucker waited for an unexplainable signal, that only he knew, that told him all was well, run the other way, or simply wait for another day.

Tucker liked lots and lots of laps, just like me! He liked Kris’ lap, and not just because she taught him to catch popcorn flying through the air. Tucker loved to snuggle with Sammy, his best dog-friend. They even shared a bone! I suppose best friends are like sharing treats and snacks. Then there was Sharon’s lap. She loved playing with Tucker and never seemed to mind his wet not pushed into her lap. Some people find this offensive, but not dog lovers.

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Ahoy Sailors

Hi! I just joined Rainbow. I own a 21ft Buccaneer sailboat, which I do believe I'll name "Grace O'Malley" after a real 16th century Irish pirate. I'm thinking of using "Pirate Queen, Ireland" as the port reference if taking up nomadic status. I don't own an RV yet, but would like suggestions for vehicle to put sailboat, recomended locations near water for longer term visits, and contacts with other Rainbow members who RV/Sail.

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 There were over 200 members in Temecula for the  Valentines event.  Heith, Daniel, Steve and Craig kept busy organizing activities one after another.  The great thing about such a large crowd was every activity was attended to by a good fresh group of folks. 

Friday Night Potluck  then, LRC till Midnight.  Saturday morning Breakfast, Seminars, noon time Hotdog Lunch, Big event Potluck, Avitar Movie night hosted by the Corona Boys then another round of LRC till midnight. Sunday morning Breakfast Hotdog Lunch, Games, Games, Games Puzzles, fun fun Hiking with ScottC Then a sit-down Italian feast served by our host couples to celebrate 1,318 years of Valentines . I was shocked when Daniel and Steve made it back to the kitchen to brew up the last round of continental breakfast goodies for Monday mornings departure.

Steve and Craig serving Hotdog Lunch

Tim and I never made it out of Camp except for on trip I took with my good friend Kathy to visit my Mom who lives close to the Casino.  I want to thank Heith and Daniel for lending me their Caddy so I didnt have to show up to her condo in the RainbowVan.  

I dint get too many photos but I am sure Carl did. here is one photo of the stressful LRC event

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The Non-Anesthetic Dental procedure and Oral Care at Home

Many of you have good questions about the non-anesthetic dental procedure.  I'll describe that here, as well as give you tips on how best to care for your pet's teeth at home.  We all want to do what's best for our pets, and a little education and guidance goes a long way! 

The dental procedure:

Before we start, I need to know the basic health history of the pet.  I have a health status form for you to fill out that alerts me to any pre-existing conditions or injuries I should be aware of.   I will want to know if your pet is on medications currently and why.  After that, it's just me and the pet.  Rarely is it a good idea for the owner to be present for the dental procedure, as the pet wants only to be "saved" by mommy of daddy, or picks up nervousness from the owner, and consequently, also becomes nervous.  So off you go, and I'm free to begin the dental.

I first wrap small pets in a towel, like a little papoose, and sit on the floor with the pet in my lap.  Taking the mobility away from the dog or cat is important; they figure out they aren't going anywhere and usually just decide to cooperate.  Dogs larger than a cocker spaniel don't need a wrap - I sit with them on the floor and basically have them in a position that is comfortable to them - lying on their right hip and front paws outstretched.  I put none of my weight on them, but they pretty much can't get up.  It's a good position to learn if you have trouble cleaning ears or putting in eye drops, etc.  I'll be happy to show it to you if you want to learn it.

I do an oral exam before beginning the procedure.  If I find a condition beyond my scope of work, like necessary extractions, or other signs of severe periodontal disease that must be addressed under anesthesia, I will stop and show you the problems and you can discuss that with your vet.  Think of it just like you going to your dentist.  You go in for teeth cleaning; other times you need a cavity filled or a crown, etc., which is much more involved that the teeth cleaning.  It's the same here.  I'm just cleaning the teeth.

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Signs of Dental Disease - take a look!

Hello again !

Now I'd like to give you a few tips to determine the condition of your pet's oral health.  First of all, taking a look at your pet's teeth should be a cooperative effort!  No wrestling matches needed to take a peek!  Cats are a bit tougher to examine than dogs -use lots of praise and  just don't get bit!!  Ok,here we go!

At a nice, calm time, just gently lift your pet's lip to expose the teeth and gums.  Look all the way back to the molar area, paying close attention to not only the teeth, but also the color of the gums.  A yellowish-brown film or crust on the tooth surface is tartar build-up.  Tartar is, basically, a bacteria build-up.  Frequently, the tartar is heavier directly at the gum line.  This tarter build-up causes gingivitis - the redness and swelling of the gum tissue.  The gum is reacting to the bacteria - which is causing the minor infection of the gum.  It's common to see a thin red line of gingivitis on the gum line - this indicates a need for a teeth cleaning.

You will also notice a foul mouth odor - this "doggie breath" is due to the bacteria present in the pet's mouth. These oral conditions are reversible. A non-anesthetic dental procedure will clean away the tartar build-up, and the gums will return to a healthy pink color, rather than the irritated red inflamation currently visible.

Look back at the molar area - the tartar build-up often will be worse here.  Is one side significantly more inflamed or have heavier tartar?  This means, usually, we will find something troubling the pet on that side of the mouth, so chewing is done on the opposite side.  We humans do the same thing!  Usually, I find a loose or broken tooth, or gingivitis advanced enough to cause pain in chewing and gum recession on that side of the mouth. 

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Pet Teeth Cleaning over the Valentine's weekend

Hi! This is Chris, my partner Delanie & I met many of you on our first Rainbow RV event last October at the Palm Springs pride event.  I'll be writing a few tips on pet oral health care in the upcoming week.  Let's start with an overview of oral health problems in dogs and cats:

By the age of 3, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some form of periodontal disease. Let's just average that out to 75% for convenience sake.  That is 3 of every 4 pets -  affected with oral health problems.  The sad statistic: of those pets needing dental care, only 3% get treatment!  That's according to Pfizer Animal Health, a leading manufacturer/supplier of animal health products.

Why is this so?  Simply put, it's because most veterinarians do not practice preventive dental care for their patients.  The tide is slowly turning, as more vets recognize that dental disease if by far the most prevalent malady suffered by the pets they serve.  Some pet hospitals are able to perform advanced dental procedures, such as dental x-rays, or tooth repair, but most disregard dental health until the pet is in a state of significant peroidontal disease.  This often requires tooth extraction, deep pocket cleaning, and a resulting condition of the mouth that is irreversible.  We can't cure peridontal disease; we can attempt to maintain the oral condition and significantly slow the progress of the disease.

So prevention is the best medicine!  The goal is to keep the pet's mouth healthy, and drastically delay or eliminate the onset pf periodontal disease.  This results in a much happier, healthier pet, free of mouth pain and adding, on average, 2 to 3 years to it's life expectancy!  My next entry, I'll write about the various ways we can accomplish that!

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Quartzsite Az 2011

Tim and I completed our annual pilgrimage to Quartzsite.  6 years ago we were invited to go to that stretch of the Arizona Desert to drycamp with our straight (90%) RV brand group.  We had a great time and like anyone's first impression we were in awl of the numbers of rv's that showed up.  That was 2005.  It wasn't until 07 that we even herd there was a gay rendezvous area.  In 07 we counted 14 rigs.   08 we once again drove thru and noticed only a few more were there. 

In 2010 Tim  posted the event to the RainbowRV calendar , members promoted the gathering via  ;facebook ;Twitter ;Dig and Tim hit the  email Blasts hard.  This year there were almost 100 Gay and Lesbian Rigs at the gathering.   The event has a 16 year history  with RainbowRv I am told but we were never able to learn the origins of the gathering.  It kind of matters to me because I want to build a club and event history to maintain the appreciation to the folks that make the effort to bring us all together.   

The event has grown too large for one circle. Only the early group was able to be inner circle and the big camp fire ended up standing members 3 deep.  This year we adopted the mini adjunct  circle configuration of 'RainbowRV of Arizona'  and made smaller camps with several fires and social gatherings.  The layout may need some design work for next year but I think it worked well to maintain the warmth, and social ease.  I will open a National forum thread on planning Q2012 to help maintain the ease impromptu feel but remove the unorganized understated confusion that may come with next years expected 130 rigs.

Tim and I were able to run our quads with Tony and Eric. We didnt make it to the Tents this year but thats ok our bay is full of too much prior years RV junk. 

all the white structures are Rv's drycamping 100,000 rv's I am told and only about 40 hosebibs. We showed up with 110 gallons and went home with a good 50. lines are too long to flush and fill

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Pismo 2010

Tim and I had a great weekend  at California central coast.  We made our way to the coast on Thursday night but were not able to get into the campground in time to register.   We dry camped along the coast off of  the sea cliff drive exit .  They use the honor system where you drop your money in a envelope with the parking space number on it.  Tim cooked us up some BBQ chicken on our portable grill  while I took our Scottie dog Molly for a walk. 


Friday morning was bright and clear but we didn’t want to hit the road until morning traffic settled. One more walk on the beach and three cups of coffee later we were back on interstate 101 and headed for Pismo


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Happy New Year

Tim and I went to Emerald Desert Resort to visit with Friends that meet and or crossed paths at the popular resort.  I think there were 18 or 20 Rainbowrv'ers there but most were off to local attractions when we arrived and we only got to catch up with several folks.  Molly & Nancy Bob & Bob, Rubie, Tom ,Mike &  Tom, Gordo & Chuck, Don & Chuck  Don and Tim, Tom and Eric, and Buck and Jeff  ; oh yea us, Tim & Greg.

 as night darkened and new year approached Tom treated us  to 4 propane camp fires and endless bottles of Champagne as we rung in the NewYork New Years. Rubie belted out a pleasant rendition of Auld Lang Syne  , BobB filled us in on the songs origins,  Molly and Nancy set up a complete feast with everything from soup to nuts.  OffRoad-Tom was winner of the  prior event Christmas Ugly sweater  contest but I began to wonder if the sweater was his normal attire??




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Ugly Sweater Photos

Well PhotoBucket has turned out to be a waste.
I could not figure out how to get to the pictures as a visitor.
SO I created a website
the java script on the first page is very slow.
maybe some can tell me how to correct that.
use the members button on the first page which goes to a page with one selection for today of ugly sweaters.

Any one who has pictures and would like to have them on this website contact me:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.put rainbow RV in the subject line

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Gee its grate to be retired Christmas morning

There hasn't been much activity in the wa/or groups so the dogs and I spent the Christmas week at the county line park off of WA.State HWY 4 alongside the Columbia River. The pictures are of the river at daybreak.

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Borrego UglySweater 2010

Tim and I went to Borrego Springs this weekend with about 40 members.  Our event host was ScottC . what a great time we had. 

Borego Springs is a small out of the way town in the Anza borrego desert of Southern California.  Beth and Elia host a March event there when the deseret is in bloom but this Christmas event is also a great time to visit the area and get out for a hike and some 4x4 offroad adventures.  

Friday night we got there just as the sun was setting.  We intended to be there around Noon but spent the morning in Tims office planning the Temecula WineCountry event and worked out last minutes details for Novembers Gay Pride in PalmSprings.  To our disappointment we were to late to join the group on a sunset jeep run but we were able to take advantage of the great vistas from the campground as the red sky lit up the entire valley and gave way to a full moon.

Friday meet and Greet is one of my favorite treats. For the most part you can always count on making the hors d'oeuvre  a meal and this event proved no exception. 

There were about 6 new members and they fit right in.  the new gals added to the fun and kept us cracking up later during the Saturday gift exchange.  Jeffery the gift master coaked members to not only pick treasures hidden behind gift wrap, He egged us on to first check out the unwrapped gifts then trade your chance at a wrapped jewel with that gifts new owner.  Sounds confusing but in the end we went home with great gifts and memories.

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clothing optional RV park

I was wondering if there is a clothing optional gay RV park in Washington, Oregon, or California?  We are wanting to go around Christmas or New Years.  Thaks for th einfo.


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Riverside Ca Christmas Lights

Just Back from an event with everyone at the Riverside Regional Parks campground Rancho Jurupa Park.  I didnt get an official count from our Host Scott M but I would guess we had 30 members.  This is one of the smaller events and it is true that there is a better chance to meet up with friends at smaller functions. 

Tim was relaxed as Scott Beth and Elia did the running around. Our Host Scott rented a Dodge van and shuttled the group to and from The Big City.  Saturday morning  we hiked up to see the Rubidox Mountain Crucifix   then went to a unique Mexican taco joint. Tias Tacos was more than unique.  Elia coaked the Owner Martin out of the office to give all of us a history lesson on his restaurant and a good look at his Art.  Fun

  Later that night we hit the city for a look at the Mission Inn Christmas light display.  Friday and Saturday night we spent huddled by 4 LPG gas campfires to keep off the early winter chill.   Sunday morning Scott treated us to a Continental feast then everyone went on their way.  I think this was the first time no one stayed extra nights after the event ? When we pulled out only Scott Beth and Elia remained pulling up hoses and doing a last minute patrol of the sites.  Thanks Scott, Great Job, Much fun.

Two weeks of work then back out to the desert with another RainbowRV group wearing Ugly Christmas sweaters. this cant be anything but fun. stay tuned 


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Palm Springs Photos

 Palm Springs Photos are available on the Web

They are located at

I was hoping it  would be an easy log in, but that it not to be.

In the search box in the upper right corner search for rainbowrvphoto

Goes to No Matches found

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The Gay rogue VOGUE... our trip back....

Well we pikked up the big new vehicle a 1989 vogue prima vista II  in Westlake village , Cait was interesting seeing how the upper half lives...  a 5 million house, and nuttin2 worry bout! cept fartin inda kitchen? damn nice but i couldnt handle it! seem nice but hope i can trust him!   onna take the southern route back to Jersey have no time constraints and well we gonna enjoy it! been 2 years since i found my Lover dead  and started CPR... and then the 18 months of experimentation withn the pacemaker and defibrillator... and drugs etc. so what ive got left of an inheritance well bestb to have fun end spend then to croak like the ones that saved and left it to us! so we be onda road.. wasnt alot but lets see what we can see!any help wil be appreciated!
Fred and Pete and 2 beagles (rescue) Rony and jimi

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