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Palm Springs Pride 2013

Tim and I are just back home from Palm Springs Pride weekend event at the wonderful Emerald Desert RV resort. This year we had 78 rv's and 184 members expected  Saturday night.  Papa Dans restaurant catered Friday night and Saturday night Dinners  and most of the members stayed thru Sunday Night.   about 25 of the total guest were members from Palm

Springs who broke bread with us on Friday and Saturday evening. The  event was  drawn around Palm Springs pride weekend where we had a contingent in the pride parade.  More than 30 members marched with the RainbowRV van and the Priscilla Bus.  Check out these Wonderful Images fromCandy Koogler


Tim and I usually arrive at the rv parks a day early but this time we decided to take Michael and Mark up on an offer to stay at their lot at Out Door Resorts.  What a beautiful place, We pulled into the resort un hooked the rainbow van and set up for the night.  The shoe was mounted on the bus but in the down position 14 foot  to clear overpasses and traffic lights.. It was not 5 minutes when some of the park long term rvers asked about the shoe.  Word spread quick and within an hour we had an audience of about 100 residents encouraging me to raise and lower the shoe.  Fun, even a warm applause and well wishes from many of the folks curious to meet Tim and learn about RainbowRV.  The happy mood was briefly paused when one resident protested to our display, for what ever reason. Oh well what do you expect, maybe she cant walk in heels? or maybe her husband does? Friday we moved out of Michael and Marks spot and headed for Emerald Desert Resort.

Can you believe Tim is really a shy Guy!!                                   Sandy, second in charge of the parade details,

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I haven't been posting to my blog for a while. Typical excuses. well I want to start it back up because many members across the country look for event blogs

Tim and I set out for the Pismo California event on Tuesday October 1 making it to the Park at around 4pm.   Tim set us back with a repair he decided to make on the bus just befor we set sail. We both worked on putting it back together and were on the road within the hour.  Tim and I dont have a good history of working on equipment together so I just kept my mouth shut knowing we had a 4 hour ride ahead of us.

 Once at Pismo I hit the ground running with Phil helping me round up the first 10 of 52 tables we need for the group. We need to throttle taking tables as we learned in the past because this park stays full and new arrivals pre event are some times regular park visitors.  We also need to get the tables off member sites so we will not need to ask if we can use them.  gathering all the tables take quite a bit of time.  we keep the time to under 6 min per table. 6 x 50 = 300 /60 =5 hours. 10 man hours is an effort but the reward is 300 people breaking bread together.

Here is a pic of Phil.  I usually push but we do switch up.


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GROVE OF 100 GIANTS Sept 20-23

Dave and I are headed out to The Sequoia National Forest this weekend! Anyone interested in joining us please let us know as we'd be happy to share the adventure with others interested in seeing the big trees.  Inbox here (I think) or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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I'm off!


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Newbies here ready to RV

OK, we are new to this site and excited to see what others are doing, where they are getting together and hope to join in on the activities soon.  We have a 40' American Coach and love to travel.  It has been nice traveling the country and look forward to doing more.  We are looking forward to meeting new people that are "Friends of a Feather".


Hope to travel to an event and meet you soon.



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Sept I am on my annual rock hounding trip.

this year I hope to run around Idaho, or and nevada.

I pick up a friend from the east in boise after a few days in oregon . There are a few spot

I missed last year and or could not find.  Its going to be interesting. The history of the areas

is fabulous. Crazy colors and patterns are the rocks and fossils.

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Let's replace the flooring in the RV?

Bill and I want to replace the flooring in our RV.  It's currently carpeted throughout and has two slides.  We'd like to replace the main area with laminate, and keep the carpet in the cockpit, the bedroom and the large living area slide.  Has anyone attempted to do this themselves and if so, any pointers?  Has anyone used a local (San Diego, Orange County, Riverside County) installer to do it?  If so, who?



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Our New Travel Trailer

What a week this has been! On Tuesday, July 27th, we picked up our 30' travel trailer! Donald and I were both nervous about how we were going to manuever it home but we did it! With teamwork and a little bit of patience, we were able to back up our trailer into our driveway! It only took us no more than 15 minutes!

So the last few days were filled with getting familiar with the RV testing out all the switches and making a list of items to purchase. After several hundred dollars, I think we are almost ready for our first trip on August 9th to Paso Robles. I am now working on planning our route to Paso Robles. We agreed to take the scenic route (Hwy 101) vs the I-5 to avoid the dreaded Grapevine pass. I posted a question in the forum regarding a fueling station off Hwy 101 either in Oxnard or Ventura. Well enough for now, very busy week and I want to post a few pictures!

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First Time RV Owners

Well we finally did it, we bought our very first RV! We settled on a 30' travel trailerWe finally did it, we bought our very first RV! We bought a 30'  Surveyor Select by Foerst River. We figured our first RV should be travel trailer so we can park and still have our truck. It is probably a little too big for our first RV but we fell in love with the spacious living area and bathroom. We pick up the RV on Tuesday and that afternoon, we will have our first experience in backing up the trailer into our driveway! I am a little nervous about that but, my husband, Donald, is going to have to do all the driving. I'll let you all know how it goes!

In the meantime, I just registered us for the Paso Robles trip in August, Pismo Beach in September, and Palm springs in November. That gives me a few weeks to get the trailer ready to travel! So much to buy!

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July 4th @ Parker's Resort

I had the time of my life with the group at Parker's Resort on the Russian River for the 4th of July!  Met mnay new people!
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Dear Rainbow Friends,

Arlon and I are safe in our RV in Prescott Arizona. Our home in Yarnell is still standing as of this am stay well and say a prayer for all of us.


Stan & Arlon & The Schnauzers

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I am looking for some campgrounds in central to southern CA.  Resorts are fine but looking to get to some campgrounds with the basics.  I have a 35' 5th wheel.  Most places seem to only want to take trailers or rigs under 26 feet.  Any good places?  Something in the woods would be great!





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Our Summer travel

We area currently planning our Summer Rv trip for late August '13. During our last major RV adventure in July 2011, we went through 14 states from our home in Louisiana to Florida and up the East Coast to Pennsylvania and back down through the South. Our thoughts this trip was to see parts of the Midwest and up through the Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore and then down to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon and then back to Louisiana. Anyone know of RV Campsites that we should know about....please let us know

David & Doug

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Canadian RV Members

Hi everyone, Im trying to find canadian members, is there anyone out there.


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Wine and Balloon Trip in June

Hi guys,


This will be our first trip with the Rainbow RV club.  We are real excited to meet others and have new friends.  We currently live in Escondido and Palm Springs.  This trip will be around a 45 min to 1 hr drive for us. 

See you there,

Rick & Glenn

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yet another adventure


this a late entry for my rockhounding adventure last year. It was a long drive to oregon, but the views

of Mt Hood were worth it.  The rocks were in my favour. I claimed many containers of common pink,tan opals,black, brown obsidians and some 150 million year old ammonite fossils. really cool to hold something that old in your hands. B-3 a nice 26ft tow behind did well going up and down all those back roads and a few dirt roads.  I have started to make some simple jewerly from the stones I have collected and it is a slow process.  I had to go home early due to the forest fires, but as we say they are rocks and they arent going anywhere.  Till next trip.



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The Kampout to Belfair was a lot of fun and an opportunity to meet other chapter members.  Attendees discussed the next Kampout at a casino up north.   Any suggestion for locations and dates?  Obviously,  RRV members from other chapters are more than welcome to attend.  Any ideas for other Kampout locations?

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House batteries

Getting ready to go dry camping this weekend and my house batteries are not keeping 100% charge. I bought 2 interstate deepcell 06/2010 I thought I should get 4-6 years out of them but am told maybe 3 years.. So I guess my question is every 2-3 years I should replace my house batteries? my old cheap ones that came with the rv were 5 years old..

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Suggestions Needed - Favorite Gay RV parks?

My partner and I are really so new the glorious world of full-time RVing - our heads are spinning as to the number of Campgrounds out there.We're currently in PA - waiting for winter to blow out of here before taking off.  The direction we go doesn't matter as much as having a plan.

SO:  anyone have a favorite spot to share with us?  We prefer boy/girl gathering spots, and second - would hope to possibly land one in need of camphosts, or maintenence or even a DJ/Karaoke duo (we do it all!)  in exchange for a hookup.   If anyone has any connections in that regard, please feel free to question me further!  This is a friggin' fabulous site btw!  Many thanks, Susie

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Looking at our first RV

Hey Guys,

My partner and I are looking at buying a RV and have no idea what kind we want.  I thought checking out a site like this would give me an idea of what it would be like to be driving around the country.  We like staying at nice resorts, in warm locations during the winter, but we miss our two dogs.  The idea of diving through the South sounds like fun, but not sure we would feel comfortable staying at most trailer parks.  Now staying at gay ones would be a different story.  I'm thinking something on the small size would be easier for us to deal with, but I don't want to end up sleeping on a table either.  This site seems like fun and I might pick up some ideas of how and where we would be using our first RV.



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